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Snippy V

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ha ha
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So... something is happening again.
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I hope you can reconsider an option to open ICS files as events (import them to existing calendar) not as a whole new calendar (keeping the old option too)!
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Daniel Espinosa

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GXML 0.11 release soon
GXml 0.11.0 with DOM4 is almost ready.

I've finished to add and fix DOM4 implementation in GXml. Master branch have all latest changes, I'll wait for translations to update new texts, before to release.

No all DOM4 interfaces are implemented, like events, ranges and document walker.

This DOM4 implementation have, I hope, same features of old DOM implementation in xNode derived classes. This is the first step to remove that old code.

Because most of you use old DOM implementation, please use GDocument instead, it has implemented DOM4 and provides more convenient methods to find a list of DomElement nodes by its name, name and namespace and by it classes.

Please test it, enjoy it, and file bugs. This will be a development release for upcoming 0.12 stable version.
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Andy Myers

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I'm using Gnome on Antergos and when I restore from the lock screen I get a mouse pointer and a black screen and it hangs like that for about 20 seconds. Anyone got any ideas how I can try to track down what's causing it? 
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Hi! Thanks fot the replies I was waiting until it happened again and it just did; +Jason Scurtu I think your suggestion maybe the tree to bark up. Using the gnome logs suggestion I saw this:

Removed slice User Slice of lightdm.

As there is a big time difference between that and the next thing:

Activating service name='org.gnome.ControlCenter.SearchProvider'

Of which there's a lot of things all in quick succession.
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alex diavatis

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by +Georges Basile Stavracas Neto with filtering this time!
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Hello guys!

Is there a way to move the systray (lower left corner) to an other corner?
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I don't think there is an extension to move it to the right, but tbh I find current pop-out behaviour very distracting. topicons is much more discreet..
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A new date chooser for GNOME Calendar, designed by Allan of course :)

(That's still a WIP, will land during the next week)
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+Georges Basile Stavracas Neto can you make day names all caps and use just the initial like the shell calendar?
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Samuel Ramox

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Is there any reason for Gnome spend so much memory? I have 6Gb and used to stay in 3,5Gb to 4Gb (common among average users).
What I want to know and believe that many people are too:
Gnome manage well the memory?
There is a memory leak problem?

Kind regards.
Gnome S2

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I would like to thank you all. Soon I will return to Gnome. 
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Howto set monitor poweroff after 30 minutes inactivity?

org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power .....?
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Gnome-Control-Center > Energy > Energy save = 15 minutes.
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The GNOME user and developer community.

Felix Häcker

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Gradio 4.0 announcement:
A GTK3 app for finding and listening to internet radio stations.

New Features:
- Seperate volume control
- Connection information (Bitrate, channel-mode, etc..)
- New sort options for the "Discover" view

- Completely redesigned "Discover" view
- Many visual changes / improvements
- Safe the window size / position and restore
- Safe grid/list view

Bug fixes:
- Crash when loading too much stations logos
- Crash on Linux Mint
- Crash on KDE

Source Code / Homepage:
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Works excellent in Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 great App. Thank you very much. Another great plus for using Linux!
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Marius Kraft

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Hello everybody!

I'm on Antergos GNOME and installed AMD Catalyst Driver to get the GPU fan under control. But the fan still speeds up frequently and makes to much noise even in idle. I have to type the following command after every reboot, then the fan spins down and the card is silent. is there a way to automaticly apply this comman on startup?

aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 auto"

Even better would be a tool to control the fan, but AMDOverdriveCTRL doesn't work well, as long as it is in foreground everthing is fine, but as soon as I send it to 'tastkbar' the system is responding very very slow...
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You have to install "thermald"
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Ariel Herrera

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Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.1 #desktop
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+Thomas MacCallum yes the extension is "applications menu" and also to put the bar at the bottom you have to use another called "bottom panel".
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Nice summary. For the exact same reasons I like both of them. GNOME Shell for its simplicity and KDE Plasma for its customizability.
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Lock Screen Timeout

When monitor is off and you wake it up, a lock screen is shown, but the monitor is shut off again in 10 seconds if I don't type anything or move the mouse.

Where can I set this timeout.

Also, there are 2 lock screens, or one lock screen with just an image and a second one with password prompt. What are these two lock screens called?
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I am wondering same thing .
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Hello everybody. I have got a notebook with fedora 23 64 bits. This has two graphic cards. Now I only use one of them ( integrated card "intel"). I want to use dedicated card ( an AMD Radeon ). Then, how can I change between graphic cards? Do I need any extra software? Thank you for all!
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+Matias Jansa Bairaguet
+Kamil Páral​'s answer is not completely correct. Linux already has some support for switchable graphics, it's called PRIME, and it works quite well, but you must use open source drm and mesa drivers. The downside is that you need to use the command line every time you want to use the discrete card (unless you add custom settings to desktop files).

If you are using the X server:

First, run

xrandr --listproviders

and find the ids of the integrated and discrete cards (usually 0 is integrated, 1 discrete)

Then, once for each X session, run

xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink [discrete id] [integrated id]

for example, for the typical ids, you should run

xrandr --setprovideroffloadsink 1 0

After you set up everything, when you want to run a program with the discrete card you must set the DRI_PRIME environment variable to 1:

DRI_PRIME=1 glxgears

To check if it's working, run

DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo

and check the renderer string.

For more info and details read
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Aye GNOMErs!

One more step into a redesigned feature :)

What do you guys think? Share your ideas and suggestions (and, why not?, the compliments or blames as well!)

See ya'
After implementing the new redesigned Shell of GNOME Control Center, it’s now time to move the panels to a bright new future. And the Keyboard panel just walked this step. After Allan give hi…
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Not the panel per se. I think the header bar is too tall.
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Daniel Espinosa

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DOM4 and GXml API have conflicts, I'm resolving keeping DOM4's one and changing existing.
Now while fixing compilation of GXml's implementation of DOM4, I found lot of API incompatibilities between existing generic GXml API using Gee collections and DOM4 interfaces. In some cases when API incompatibilities comes from methods names, no problem, because just instruct Valac to override ...
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alex diavatis

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One less annoying bug on GNOME Files! These is from the things you may do not notice when upgrade to 322, but still super cool!
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+alex diavatis I see, I will try it thank you.
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