Just got a new iphone and i cant load the new beta version. I had it on last phone.

Not sure if this has been reported previously but from a quick look through questions, bugs, feedback etc I didn't see it....

I search for an item and it returns for example 250 items.....
I then set the max price I will pay but leave the minimum price blank....
The app still returns 250 items regardless of the fact that lots of the items are above the max price I have set

Once I enter a minimum of even 1 euro, it will then show a result of maybe 30 items, but I tried on the existing app on Google Play and you don't need to specify a minimum to get it to filter out results which are too expensive.

Apologies if you have already got this but is it possible to save a search if you are logged into your account? On mobile especially I have the habit of coming out of my search for a car and then when i go back in I need to stick in all the parameters again. Also If an add comes up and doesn't appeal to you it would be good to have a hide option so it doesn't appear on your search again.

Since your server maintenance this morning, I can view list of ads in the app, ie motorcycles but if I select any ad all that comes up is a blank Donedeal background?

I've noticed that there is still an issue when resuming the app on the results screen after a period of time. While it no longer crashes, the filters previously specified no longer filter the search results if you refresh, even though they are still visible when you click refine. Let me know if you want me to show you an example.

It would be great if you could select to search the ad title or description (or both).

E.g. when I search for "roof box" (with or without quotes), I get everything from a man with a van, to a tractor, to garden furniture.

All I want to see is roof boxes :/

Hi. I had joined a while ago and recently had to do a factory reset on my phone but now when I try to click the link to add the beta app, it no longer exists.

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Theres still a problem with the app crashing on the results screen since the update . I'll update here if I figure out a way to cause the crash at will.

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I've noticed there's a problem with swiping down from the top to refresh when you use the landscape orientation of the app. You'll notice that before you scroll down through the ads that the swipe down to refresh works fine but after scrolling down and back to the top it no longer works. I've attached a video so you can see what I mean and I've included an example of this not being a problem for the vertical orientation.

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I've just noticed the video link is not working for this add on the beta app but it works fine on the live app.
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