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After a short hiatus, Fear of a Black Dragon is back! In the newest episode, +Tom McGrenery and I are discussing seafaring adventures and The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh!


Last night a ran a game of Mutant Jahr Null aka Mutant Year Zero. It was the best session so far. Thanks to some of the Dungeon World techniques and tips from the DR Podcast that I used that night. Most of this stuff works also with a game that is not pbta. Thanks a lot.

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Only 14 hrs left, and a little over $4k to the next stretch goal, a Bestiary! Help us make it happen! Share and spread the word. Mil gracias!

Anyone know if +Ray Otus is intending to do a print collection of his Plundergrounds zine? (Maybe +Ray Otus will know!?)

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I've been trying to come up with a template for prepping my Dungeon World sessions for a while now. I tried to make something that would guide me so that when I sit down cold to prep I can get straight into it.

Drawing on good advice from this community and particularly the Discern Realities podcast I am currently using the following. If you find it at least a little bit useful, interesting or inspiring then I'm happy. :)

If you have comments or suggestions they are welcome!

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Hello everyone!

I mentioned this on the slack, but I wanted to let folks know that I have just launched a kickstarter campaign for my next game, title After the War. It's a memetic horror science-fiction roleplaying game, set 10 years after the end of a galactic war. It's a game about communities of strangers who try to overcome their trauma to build new homes together.

I ran the first session of a 3-part series on gauntlet hangouts with +Lauren McManamon +David Rothfeder +Ryan McNeil +Larry S and +Christo Meid last monday where we built characters and a settlement, if you want to take a look.

If this sounds like your jam or you want more information, feel free to check out the kickstarter and the free quickstart there.

After the War
After the War

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Greetings, all! The weekly Gauntlet Hangouts video roundup post is now up on The Gauntlet Blog! Check it out, and be sure not to miss all the other great Gauntlet Blog posts from the week!

Thanks go out to all our Gauntlet Hangouts videos game runners, facilitators, and players this week, including: +Agatha, +Alejandro Duarte, +Alexi Sargeant, +Andy Hauge, +Asher Silberman, +Auzumel S, +Bethany H, +Brian Burnley, +Bryan Lotz, +Chris Thompson, +Darren Brockes, +David LaFreniere, +David Morrison, +Del Benjamin, +Donogh McCarthy, +Eduardo L., +Fraser Simons, Giovanni, +Harry Morris, +Hijos Del Rol, +James Ryan, +Jesse Abelman, Jim Crocker, +Joe Zantek, +Joshua Gilbreath, +Karlo Licudine, +Kurt Potts, +Larry S, +Lauren McManamon, +Leandro Pondoc, +Lowell Francis, +Luiz Paulo S F, +Maria Rivera, +Mark Causey, +Michael G. Barford, +Pat Perkins, +Patrick Knowles, +Paul Edson, +Rachelle Dube, +Richard Rogers, +Robbie Boerth, +Ryan McNeil, +Sarah J, +Steven desJardins, +steven watkins, and +Tyler Lominack.

Anyone have a working link to the Dungeon World Adventure Builder mentioned in Discern Realities Ep 54? The link at is broken. :(

You're sitting down to run a session of a game (and it's not the first session).

You usually have some establishing questions in mind that you want to ask the players.

You also have some nice in medias res text you intend to read to the players to (a) remind them where you left off the previous session and (b) give them a dramatic "in" for this session.

So what order do you do these in?

Me, I'm conflicted.

If I do the questions first it can often result in interesting conversations (well, you'd hope so wouldn't you!?) and possible action, and then the medias res bit can subsequently seem a little railroad-y or forced.

If I do the in media res first, I forget to ask the questions.
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