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Here is a link to Episode 09 of Monsterhearts: Mercy Falls! Margot wolfs out, Lilith partakes in a fey orgy, Thomas makes his move on Serina, and more!


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Just picked up Shadows of Umberto by +Joe Banner. He's been producing really cool content for Dungeon World for a long time now. I really love the way all of his locations potentially connect to each other. Just reading one of his adventures can improve your game play. This one, for example, has some nifty principles you might add to the usual set. The "Names & Honorifics" section is a delightful way to add flavor. Great stuff! So great, in fact, that I immediately went and supported him on Patreon. I should have done that long ago. 

Hack Question
If one wanted one of the several available X Hack games, which would you choose to simulate the tone and level of LotFP. If I wanted to use another system for one of their modules, what would you recommend? The answer amy be obvious, but I'm woefully ignorant on this.

In particular I'm looking at Kelvin Green's Forgive Us module for LotFP. So I'm trying to find something decent and simple which can capture that feel (actually, not necessarily X Hackish).

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Greetings, all. It's time for the weekly Gauntlet video roundup! Don't miss any of the great new actual plays from this week in the updated playlists below!

Comic Strip AP

- Monster of the Week: The Lombardi School episode 15 (the final episode!) with +Jason Cordova and +Tom McGrenery:
- Dogs in the Vineyard episode 19 with +Tim B and +Noah Jay-Bonn:
- Don't Rest Your Head episode 9 with +Richard Rogers and +Paul Edson:

Pocket-Sized Play

- Monsterhearts: Mercy Falls episode 9 with +Jason Cordova, +Fraser Simons, +Kevin Lovecraft, +Phillip Wessels, and +Yoshi Creelman:

Gauntlet Hangouts

- Dungeon World Sunday - We Hunt the Keepers - session 3 of Children of the Eight-Legged She:

Check out all the great videos on The Gauntlet's YouTube channel, linked below on this post. Don't forget to subscribe, and check out all the playlists to catch up on your favorite campaigns. Enjoy, and everyone have a great weekend!

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Looping Ohio
I talk a little about running Tales from the Loop at Origins: my Midwestern setting, table materials, structure, and what I think of the game. In short I dig it and want to get it to the table again soon.

Hello Gauntletters,

I am looking into playing tabletop games online (Hangouts, Skype, etc), but frankly the idea scares me. It sounds intimidating and I haven't the slightest clue on how to start or where to go. I have played RPGs for about 15 years or so and this new medium makes me feel lost in an already bifercated community. +Jason Cordova​ and friends, what do I need to know?

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Hey folks! I just started playing PbtA's on the Gauntlet a few weeks ago and I'm enjoying it so much that I've decided to run a session of Monster of the Week for my local group! I wrote up session outline and then stuck it in an arc (just in case it catches on). The arc is centered around an ancient demon from the Jewish mystical tradition coming to smalltown Georgia in order to get pregnant and spawn a new demon prince. The first session is about the Golem the Jewish community summons to protect themselves from a neo-Nazi group...somewhat inspired by recent events in Kentucky. If anyone has any cool ideas I can stick in please let me know!

I want to run this session in about 4 hours including char that realistic? Any helpful hints you guys have for a first time MotW Keeper would be much appreciated!

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Hi Gauntleteers! In May +Evan Rowland ran a Gauntlet Hangouts game of Damn the Man, Save the Music, my new RPG about a bunch of teenage outcasts trying to save their '90s indie record store from collapse. There was so much goodwill around the game, and I wanted to let folks know that the KS campaign is underway.

If this kind of game is right up your alley, that's great! If not, maybe you know someone who will love it. I hope to return back here to run a session of the game after the campaign has ended—it's a lot of fun. :)

Anyone out there familiar with Tenra Bansho Zero?

I am fascinated by this statement: "An entire campaign, a story from start to finish, can be told over the space of one to two sessions!" yet the 696 page rulebook intimidates me.


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The latest session of Don't Rest Your Head is out!

Alan Turner is "woken" from the Mad City into his everday life... or is he?
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