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Name: Hammerhead Assault ship
Type: Heavy Artillery Ship
Weapons: Multiple V-4 Ballistic Missile launchers, 12 MGs for AA.
Feudal Estate: The New Order HQ
Background: The Hammerhead-class ship was designed to bombard long range targets using its 4 V-4 Ballistic missile launchers. They are much smaller than traditional battleships, which allows them to travel up rivers, a trait valued in the New Navy. Although range is extraordinary, defense is lacking, boast 12 AA machine guns but were never designed for frontline combat anyways.

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Things didn't go as planned for the deal between two countries for being neutral and once a little argument happened, so did a war. You were a soldier on the front lines, determined to die first out of the rest of the soldiers. Some of your closest friends died already in the fighting and you got shoot in the leg. You were trying to crawl to the safetly of a piece of building still in contact for cover but uou were slow. A soldier from the opposite side came to finish you off but ended up dropping dead before you could blink and take in what was avout to happen as I put your arm around my shoulder and carry you to safety then once I set you down and put a finger over my gas mask to remain quiet, and you...

((Open rp with soldier))

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You know what this is? Soviet Power: Supreme
-New Order Tank Commander, regarding the new weapon

Name: Apocalypse Tank
Type: Heavy Tank
Weapons: dual 5' cannons; 2 machine guns
Estate: The New Order
Location: Siberia
Background: The Apocalypse Tank is unrivaled in terms of armor and firepower. They carry nanodrones that can repair minor damage. While they are superior in firepower and protection, speed is lacking. However, in an organization that plans total annihilation of its enemies, speed is not a primary concern...

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The government activitiy in England seemed to die down so I decided to take a walk, unaware the government was trying to follow track me down for hacking them but they didn't know my identity, so I wasn't too worried. I walked to the grocery store to realize it closed so I quickly walked back home trying not to create suspicion,but too late. That's when you spotted me and started to walk towards me and you...

((Open rp with government official))

prototype mk 3 moblie suit omega one
suit has a small reactor that powers a small shield that takes three hours to recharge the suit was built by james blade and was made to take hits but move fast with magnetic boot thrust-er pack for a short speed boost (look at my profile to see the pic) the suit has two others made but both where destroyed in a battle testing 

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Name: lock

Gender: M

Age: 19

Alignment: N/A

Feudal estate: USA, Texas, Dumas,

Occupation: hacker, robotics engineer, demolitions expert,

Job: works at junk yard / auto shop


Utility gloves


Is able to concentrate the EMP into something similar to a bolt of lightning

able to fly off my hand and activate EMP

government experimental micro bots

Creates my staff and can change if needed

Can create portals

( side note: there is a micro bots in my brain that lets me control all the other Micro bots )
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Name: James Blade
Nationality: american
 Gender/Sex: males
 Age: 19
Weapon: his sword and his prototype suit and weapons  (p2-01 mk 2, and his laser rifle)
Alignment: merc
Feudal estate  Occupation : Washington  
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Human Profile:

Name: Lou Purdy
Nationality: American
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 15
Weapon: Electrical pulsars (which affect the gravitational and electrical field in everyday objects around her (made them herself)), and two hatchets
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (cares only for herself, ignoring morality and the law)
Feudal estate: England
Occupation: Hacker and engineer
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New Order forces are moving towards the former Russian Capital of Moscow, a sign that the New Order wishes to reunite Russia under the flag of the Order
Yuri: How far are we from the capital?
Battalion Commander: about 30 miles sir.
Yuri: very good. Keep a watchful eye out; enemy forces could be present
Battalion Commander: Yes sir.
Yuri: How prideful it would be to raise the New Order flag above the Kremlin. Feudal Russia will soon fall, and in its place will rise the New Order, and I will rule as part of it

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Name:  white knight mk 2
Armor Grade:  AB,medium
Weight:  2.8 tons
Dimensions: [ hull,10ft,20ft,3ft] [turret, gun on arms]  
Gun grade: 50 cal to 100 cal 
Track Type: legs
Susspion type: legs 
Top speed:  300mphm
Ammo types: medium 
 no built: ??
creator James Blade
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