I'd just like to ask, how does this work? Is there a way I can request to create a kingdom? Can I only pledge allegiances to already founded kingdoms? Just some general rules for how RPing works on here.

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Name: Czar Nicholas I
Age: 89
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Czardom of Nika
Rank: Czar/King
Personality: Fair
History: Nicholas the first created the Czardom of Nika by unifying a number of small villages north of the Dathic Jungle. He did this in his younger years by a mix of preachings, gold offerings, and war. He has two adopted and one biological son of age to rule upon his death. However he does have a second biological son who is not yet of age. He dreams of gold and splendor but above all he seeks to expand his kingdom over the Old Sea and perhaps beyond. He worships several gods/goddesses but the three main; Ephara [F] (Science), Karametra [F] (Harvest), Thassa [F] (Seas), Keranos [M] (Storms), and Kruphix [M] (Horizons)

Physical Appearance
Height: 6"5
Weight: Med
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Weapons: None
Armor: None

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"Appeal to Ephara"
Name: Czardom of Nika
Age: 30~ years
Ruler: Czar Nicholas I
Population: 161,747~
Soldiers: 10,000 regulars
Economy: Strong or Weak: Strong
Territory ((Not Alot of Land)): Above the Dathic Jungle but lower then the river that crosses from the Old Sea to the lake (?)
Religion: Parthenon (unspecified)

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This community will be running a strike system here for members and moderators. When you fail to follow the rules for you first 3 strikes it 7 day ban. But if you cross the line again then it will be a 2 week ban. But third time oh your not going to get back in here again.

1. Profiles are mandatory in this community if your require to Roleplay

2. Their will be limited Moderator position when the communities grows. If you whine and act rude about your are likely to be ignore for being a moderator. If your lucky you might become moderator but we will ask what communities your in and detect if you were ban.

3. Romance is allowed but no Sex , Porn, etc. if your caught, your're to be ask for the post to be deleted. If you continue this process many times your likely to be a ban. If you want to have sex , porn, etc do it in a private post.

4. Cussing might be allowed but I'll be thinking about it.

5. No Metagaming, Goddmodding, Autohitting, etc. Moderators are required to give one strike if they see this happening in a members post

6. Your allow to impeach a moderator with a trial and would require to evidence by ready and reliable.

7. No bullying to others about anything that is rude your likely to gain 1 strike.

8. No Spam post

9.No advertise in the community till you get owners permission.

10. If your Roleplaying and declare one on someone your require to make one explanation about why your declaring war on them it would help others what is happening in current events and let people join your team maybe IDK.

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Physical Appearance
Eye Color:
Skin Color:


Economy: Strong or Weak
Territory ((Not Alot of Land)):
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