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dracul reaches the mountain top to the nosferatu's lair. After a moment, he gathers his courage and wanders in. He hears bats flying around him. And when he turns around, he sees a hideous bald man with claws as fingernails. He speaks with a voice like the devil himself well, well. Look what animal found its way to the trap.he mocks my name is…*dracul starts before he's cut off* I know exactly WHO you are, lord impaler. I could care less who you are. he grabs dracul by the throat and pushes him against the cave wall. I've been waiting for someone of your strength. But pray tell me, what sort of man goes into his own grave in a quest for hope?. dracul responds staggeringly a desperate one. the nosferatu scoffs and throws me against another cave wall. hope. Hm, that's a laugh. Tell me, how many people did you kill? Hundreds? dracul replies yes. lying through his teeth. The nosferatu grabs him by the throat lie to me again and I'll rip open your belly and feed you your intestines! it bellows. I stagger and reply thousands. the nosferatu asks why kill if not for the thrill of it? i pause for a moment and reply because men do not fear swords. They fear monsters. What I did, I did for peace. Kill one, save another. Insure a senseless slaughter is avoided. Be a monster for the greater good. I want the power to destroy my enemies. And save my family. the nosferatu chuckles you think you know what it's like to be a monster? You have no idea. But I'm going to show you. he retrieves a skull nearby and cracks it open. He then bites his wrist and bleeds into the skull. for one months time, you will have the strength of a hundred men. And dominion over the night and all its creatures. i reply at what price? he smiles your soul, lord impaler. When you have my powers, your thirst for blood will be unquenchable. If you resist the thirst for one month, you will become man once again. But if you feed, I will be released, and you shall remain a monster, for eternity. he laughs deeply. I take the skull and look the monstrosity with defiance in my eyes then it will be my great pleasure to disappoint you. i look it in the eyes and drink. Suddenly I wake up, passed out in the bar, with a bottle of wine in my hand, alcohol on my breath, and a pounding in my head Jesus!

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alucard walks through the forest with his hat and glasses on. Hands in his pockets until he hears a disembodied voiceover of nowhere it's been awhile, hasn't it vlad. alucard looks around, not in fear, but confusion I'm guessing it has been. But since I'm not sure who you are I couldn't tell you how long. i say with a smirk. After a moment the voice retorts pardon my manners despite your reputation, manners were always important to you lord impaler. Why, I have no idea. But, I suppose beggars can be choosers. alucard begins to get frustrated look, I'd love to stick around and play 20 questions, but I've got things to do, places to go, people to kill, so if you could just cut to the chase, that would be lovely. the voice chuckles So you really don't remember me. Well then, I suppose it would be impolite to keep you waiting. an Arabian man steps out from behind a tree. He wars golden armor, Turkish short sword, red sash, combat boots, and Turkish combat boots. His name is sultan Ahmed do you remember me now, lord impaler? alucards eyes widens. After a few minutes, alucard begins to chuckle. A moment later it turns into a mad mans Cackle that could be heard across the Forrest well well well! If it isn't the Turkish whipping boy! Last I checked, I killed your family right in front of you. Then drowned you in a pool of their blood, and left your body to rot. cackles once again

in my room, and in my coffin, I sleep, muttering, reliving a past long forgotten by most no…no. *i toss
And turn*

in my dream

//I'm in my Romanian battle armor in the 1400's. Behind me is my royal advisor, my wife and my child.\\

You don't need to take the boys for your jannisaries Ahmed. Instead take me.

ahmed laughs at me as well as his soldiers lord impaler…do you think, that I am an idiot? You will give me your countries sons. This is not an offer, it is an order, vlad.

his men out their hands over their swords preparing to draw

i advance forward to try to reason with him. And my son, bodgan Tepes runs out to me no father! I will go! I don't want to see you die. he begs with tears in his eyes.

You should listen to your boy, impaler. Not giving me the boys will not help your country by any means. Give the boys to me, or I will burn your kingdom to the ground! he says with his temper rising as his guards come closer to me

i kneel down and whisper into bodgan run to your mother! Now!

he complies as I pull out my bastard sword and cleave the Turk soldiers in half. Ahmed looks angry but not stunned as he turns on his horse and goes back to his Turkish camp

my advisors look horrified and furious you fool! You've killed us all! You were supposed to protect us! How will we survive?!

i look toward one of the mountains knowing of a man, or creature that could help me in my quest I'll find a way Ivan. Just get my family and every one of my subjects into my home, now!
i sheathe my sword and march towards the mountains knowing what awaited me. All the while I was thrashing and groaning loudly

Name Thomas Raines
Nicknames\other titles my vampire king or my love both by +Annabelle / Andriod 18​​​​​​
Powers\abilities superhuman strength speed stamina regeneration reflexes hearing and sight shadow manipulation is able to create several arms made of pure shadow shapeshifting able to transform into mist bats other human forms from people I have killed and taken their blood memory absorption through victims blood
Past life and now Thomas was born in 1529 in Oklahoma in 1540 he was turned into a vampire by +Seras Victoria セラス・ヴィクトリア​​​​​​ and he became her fledgling as a result in modern times Thomas is cut off from mostly everybody except his close friends and family
Personality Thomas is a very quiet individual although he is very intelligent he is very caring and protective to his friends and loved ones. Thomas does not consider him self a vampire or rather doesn't agree with the species and the way they act because the majority of vampires he has come across are sadistic killers however unlike most vampires Thomas considers himself not necessarily above them just better then them because he doesn't have the urge to kill everyone in sight due to pure bloodlust. Thomas also despises humanity having been alive for 400 years he has seen the atrocities mankind has committed to themselves and to the other animals that populate the world he doesn't however wish them any harm he simply chooses not to get involved with their problems he simply moves from place to place and observing the advances they have made and on occasion will indulge himself in human activities but most of the time he keeps to himself. Thomas is a very merciful person as he does not kill innocents and is willing to give mercy killings he will never go back on his word once he has given it he is disgusted with the vampire and human race but rather then wage war on them he chooses to simply not get involved with their problems. Thomas is very protective of his loved ones and will brutally attack anyone who has done them harm however he will not kill them because in his mind death is to good for them and he will simply leave them to suffer and eventually die. Thomas will not kill innocents or children or women who are bearing children he despite being a vampire is able to control his bloodlust and only feeds on animals or uses transfusion blood found in hospitals 
Eye color brown originally now blood red
Hair color dirty blonde
Likes friends family being alone
Dislikes the human and vampire species when someone goes back on their word or breaks a promise killing without purpose people who abuse children or others 
Race vampire
Height 5ft 6 inches
Allies +Seras Victoria セラス・ヴィクトリア​​​ +Serena Victoria​​​ 
Powers\abilities superhuman strength speed stamina regeneration reflexes hearing and sight shadow manipulation able to control his shadows and creates several arms made of pure shadow shapeshifting is able to transform into mist bats other human forms from people I have killed and a black dog known as a hellhound is able to teleport is able to read minds and hypnotize people
Weapons a silver tipped axe primarily used to fight other vampires
Weakness blessed holy objects such as blessed swords sunlight however this is not so much a weakness as it is an annoyance 

Can I make a bio for myself?

on the couch smoking a Cuban cigar singing If you take a life do you know what you'll give?
Odds are you won't like what it is
When the storm arrives would you be seen with me
By the merciless eyes of deceit?
I've seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you yourself are nothing so divine
Just next in line
Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you
The odds will betray you
And I will replace you
You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you
It longs to kill you
Are you willing to die?
The coldest blood runs through my veins
You know my name
If you come inside things will not be the same
When you return to the night
And if you think you've won
You never saw me change
The game that we've all been playing
I've seen diamonds cut through harder men
Than you yourself
But if you must pretend
You'll meet your end
Arm yourself because no one else her
The odds will betray And I will replace you
You can't deny the prize; it may never fulfill you
It longs to kill you
Are you willing to die

The coldest blood runs through my veins

Try to hide your hand
Forget how to feel
(Forget how to feel)
Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel
(A spin of the wheel)

Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you
The odds will betray you
And I will replace you
You can't deny the prize; it may never fulfill you
It longs to kill you
Are you willing to die

The coldest blood runs through my veins
You know my name
(You know my name)
You know my name
(You know my name)
you know my name!
You know my name!
You know my name

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sitting on the couch with Guinness bottles scattered all over kids, in celebration of st Patrick's day, my admin has convinced me to tell my story.

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Quotes : I will see you gravel before me in disgrace you’ll become part of me and serve Seth for eternity 
Name : Incognito
Nickname : He who is nobody, the vampire of the dark continent, the monster of the dark continent, monster, bastard, servant to human desires, master, Uncle incy, category A vampire, A class vampire, A list vampire
Gender : male
Age : over 500 yrs old
Species : true original Vampire, Transcendent vampire, class A vampire, category A vampire, A list vampire
Place Of Origin : The dark continent 
Hair Color : none
Eye Color : red and green
Blood Type : none
Height : around 6ft
Weight : unkown
Personality : calm, collective, patient, kind, chill, flirt, respectful, gets even, and cunning 
Relationship Status : taken
Likes : food, kind people, chaotic order, good battles, 
Dislikes : asparagus, Brussel sprouts, being annoyed, people who talk about things or people they know nothing about, copy cats, absorbers, 
Biography :  I was born on the dark continent I grew up mastering the dark arts I over used my powers and ended up almost dying till the Egyptian God Seth saved me and transformed me into a vampire he gave me one mission to bring him to earth and be his vessel todo that I would need the blood of a hellsing and only one was left Sir Integra fairbrook wingates hellsing, but todo that I needed to gain experience in being a vampire. So when I returned I destroyed some of the Dark Continent and destroyed a few vampires along the way gaining the title The Vampire of the Dark Continent. I headed to England to seek her out I had acquired a castle then I started to think what if I didn’t but Seth possessed me and used my power to reveal my arrival. Unknowing of that I entered the castle set up relaxing exploring the castle then the castle was attacked when I looked out the window it was no other than Integra Hellsing helicopters troopers all attacking my house that I just got so obviously I was kinda angry. I sensed a vampire fleshling coming in as well and met with her just to analyze her and figure out who her master was when I was finished I left. Not much late another organization rushed in gassing my castle but I had already decided to wait till night fall to deal with them and while I waited I made a few plans and made up my mind to take down the hellsing organization. When night fall came I put my plan into motion I sent my servant Laura to take down Integra while I met with the fleshling’s master I had figured out his name earlier from some sources and was simply stalling till Laura had Integra though she had fallen to her emotions and tried to kill her so when I said you don’t have a master anymore I kinda sent alucard to her and got her killed not knowing that she did not complete her mission which got her killed. When I found out I decided to destroy all of London even London Bridge going back to what I was supposed todo by night fall my plan had begun all things were set in motion I had brought down the entire hellsing organization killed alucard brutally injured his servant and had his master at my mercy I had begun to summon Seth but alucard’s master had called out to him telling him to release level one situation a Seth had already began destroying London and I had left to see the finale climax of my labor. Seth had begun to entering me as I watched London burn to the ground alucard was reviving himself he had then appeared behind me and our next round of battle had begun. It was epic we were almost evenly match when it had reached its end we stroke our finale blows at each other taking a big chunk out of each other’s body we turned to each other as we regenerated alucard had already prepared his last attack and shoot me with something blessed straight through the heart almost killing me but he showed me his true face then I died. Over 10yrs later I awoke in a natzi lab where my mind was being picked for knowledge the ship had shaken it was clear they were in a battle and I wasn’t gonna stay there so I broke out destroying the entire ship when I looked out on the battle field it was nothing pretty and I wasn’t getting in it. I ran off but the Egyptian gods caught me and sealed me away into someone I broke out gained more power started the organization named Oblivion which is headed by Helena who can command me and has decided to make it a vampiric sanctuary and I have made it an orderly chaos system organization also I am its trump card dealing with threats and recruiting few yrs later here I am.

                                      Red eye level:

Explosion shift : with this eye I can shoot explosions at my opponent (s) from the eye at will
Epic cooling shift : with this eye I can send blast like waves that cool down any form of fire
Emp shift : with this eye I can disturb any electrical thing near me by simply walking past it
Soul steeling shift : with this eye I can consume any beings soul from a distance
Shadow manipulation shift : with this eye I can use my shadow and generate shadows to use them kinda like tentacles.
Moon trans shift : with this eye I can turn the entire moon purple
Hypnosionic shift : with this eye I can hypnotize others but not instant
Shadowport shift : with this eye I can teleport using the shadows
Shadowy illusion shift : with this eye I can create shadow true illusions that only break when a seal is cast in it the illusion does affect the victims physically and mentally 

                                      Red Venus eye level :

Mana construction shift level : Allowing me to create constructions such as hammers, protective helmets, battering rams, mana blasts, shields, barriers, beams to grab and throw my enemies, stepping platforms to carry me and others though air, bobbles that I can change the atmosphere in, safety nets, and self-regeneration. 
Mana guard shift : with this eye I get purple mana tattoos that give me regeneration enhanced speed, strength, sight, durability, reflexes, and stamina.
Mana phasing shift : with this ability I grow tattoos that allow me to phase parts of my body or my entire body even anything I’m wearing or wore out of existence or into existence and appear anywhere I’d like and power echo anything.
Mana tracker shift : , I can find any person I want by detecting the traces of mana that he/she left.

                                     Mist ruby red eye level :

Mana crystal 0 shift : with this ability I grow mystic tattoos that produce mist allowing me to summon crystals that have beings in them that I have devoured and turned into freaks that will do anything I tell them too and will protect me with their existence.
Mist crystals shift : I can grow mystic like tattoos the produce purple mist at my will to crystalize over anything it swarms around even nothingness.
Snake lords of apep shift : I grow tattoos and summon several snake that can phase threw anything, cause explosions on impact, melt anything near it, fly, and consume anything to increase its numbers and strength.

Ultimate ability : Seth summon : I can summon a dragon like snake named Seth that spits a blast of purple ethereal and has absolute access flight. I can also take it into me revealing my true form which I gain complete flight, weather manipulation, back door access flight, dragon amorphous transformation and spit purple ethereal blasts, regeneration, dragon head generation that spit purple ethereal blast. My red eye reboots and locks immediately after summoning the dragon like snake making me unable to use its abilities 

Transformations : eye transformation 

Other Abilities
Drink blood or any form of life blood
Turn other into vampires or freaks with a bite
If I bite someone and the bleed anything I have access to it forever and can draw life blood from them whenever I want
Transcendent vampire physiology 
Absolute command over those I’ve turned into vampires or freaks
Can generate weapons from my own bones effortlessly every weapon is cursed so one hit and whatever spot I hit will get damaged greatly then it’ll spread doing minor damage to the entire body
My red eye absorbs all my pain to get stronger and regenerate itself

My eye will automatically change to the next level if I use all of its shifts which are the change in my pupil.
My eye will shut down and reboot whenever I use my Ultimate ability 
My shadow illusions will break if a seal is casted in it
Can only be killed if someone impales me through the heart with something 100% holy which will slowly denigrate me turning me into a kinda spirit dragon till someone touches my head reviving me unless I drink some blood or any life blood even things that power stuff such as oil when it happens or before I’m completely gone which will completely regenerate me and stop the processes
I must use all the shifts before I can change the entire eye
My red eye can receive damage and if blinded becomes useless for 5mins so it can reboot same goes as if it were damaged  useless for 5 mins to regenerate though I could regenerate it myself
Whenever my red eye reboots it restarts itself making me start back from my red eye level

Theme song :
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giggling as sabaru holds me softly as his eyes look around the room. She blushes a bit his red eyes stares at her.
"Sabaru... Love..."
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