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+Dog lover 300000000​ it's true!
+Dog lover 300000000​ all the people on my team in the war were

+Lover Lovert??!?????!?!??
+Jadhostgamer - Gaming and Music Videos
+Fred Cullen
+Nighttime Dew
+Star B
+Nightmare Fredbear
+Doctor Strange
+Andy Murray

+Nighttime Dew​ got killed by 100 gun shots
+Lover Lovert??!?????!?!??​ got shot in the legs 10000 times
+Andy Murray​ got killed by 1 gun shot to the brain.

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So what do we do???

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Do it plz

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Dear +Manglelover 350
I was in the army for 2 months and I thought about you!
From Fred!

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+Manglelover 350​ I was in the army for 2 months,can you shoutout post to me?

+Dog lover 300000000​ when I met star B me and him were friends!
But in the army,he hot shot in the head!
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