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Я себе тоже такую хочу

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To all of my communities, friends, acquaintances, followers,  I will not be posting a lot or coming on that often because i'm back in school and I don't have a lot of time. So I won't be able to post or sadly game or watch anime.  I'm falling behind in some of my classes and I'm trying to stay ahead in some of them. Until I get a spring break, summer break, fall break, or winter break, or until school is over again I won't be able to come on.  You'll see me on here once in awhile but not for long periods of time.  Goodbye and I'll see when I'm out of school or on weekends.

By the way can you guys tell me the name of these animes I know one is Guilty Crown.

And that first picture should have been after picture number 6
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Yay for new members
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