Is this place dead?


have fun everyone

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So i'm going to start really paying attention to this place again, should we...
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give up this place is dead
unlimited trolls
Do every kind of RP or other madness

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Kara's world (LoRaA) overworld theme.

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Erin's Entrance theme

Erin: enter

Music begins playing while Erin runs around gathering more and more objects from everywhere she can think of and stacks them on top of each other, because of the in coming meteor and the fact that her server player has somewhat disappeared she has decided to finally take everything into her own hands (if that means stealing to climb higher so be it)

She then argues with her 'big sister' sprite about where rights and wrongs stand during an apocalyptic situation while grabbing her backpack labeled "for emergencies only" (which really only has food and other things you would think to have in a 'running away from home bag') and gets climbing. However while climbing a plastic spoon falls out of her bag and into the sprite (the sprite now has a spoon arm) and the sister sprite now looks un-amused. But Erin finds it hilarious.

Next thing she knows she's in her god teir land and her angry sister has vanished But Erin is sure she'll be back


Kara stands and is trying to figure out wtf to do. her tablet alerts her to an inoming pester

abhorrentCaviat [AC] started pestering abominableTorment [AT]

AT: aw fuck, you again:
AC: #EE #EE #EE. yeeessssssss, me again. #ow's it goin'? DYING ON T#E MIND?
AT: what? no! what are you talking about?
AC: look at t#at meteor again deeeerrrryyyyy,
AC: YEAH, you may want to get in the game sooooooon, #EE #EE #EE
AT: imma go.
AC: #ee #ee, just run along like t#e good little girl you are.

AC stopped pestering AT


(starts giant fight to get into the game)

Kara: enter

the music blares as she starts rushing about to get the things together. her pet rabbit rushes about, blocking her from certain parts of the house. she finds another way to the cruxtruder, screaming at the troll pestering her at the worst time and starts the prosess of making her entrance item. she punches the card then makes it back to the lathe, and goes to the other thing. a dove appears and flys off leaving a fether. Kara takes it and is confused. She fends off the pester from a troll and sets off to work again. the rabbit is suddenly on top of the meteor and with a jump nudges the space rock off it's destructive corse. Kara takes the fether with her to try to re-do it. the rabbit blocks her way again. she re does the prosess 3 more times, and ignores the pester of the same troll. the rabbit throws itself into the sprite. Kara is now left with four fethers. wind blows three away and the forth into her face she sneeses, the fether disintagrates into smaller fethers.

she finds her house and the sprited version of her pet in a new world.

Land of Rays and Alters

the ssprite kernel splits, she looks around, and smiles. and another troll. ugh.

SarcasticOptimism [SO] has begun pestering +Narzia Lonern +Katari Mnight +Vangur Machet +Beelover 64 +viper fang +Icie Kissel +Leo Seda Everyone at once

SO: I reworded the movie line Get to the Choppers! but anyways
SO: in other words, it's not safe anymore
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