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Hello All: 
The exam for today will open at 1p, please know that there will be final exam for all learners that are not please with their grades and would like the opportunity to increase their grades. Learners that have an A in the class are not required to take the final exam.
 I will be working diligently to work on final grades over the next few days so that you can make plans for your final assignments.

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Reflection 4 - Chapter 13
Many people are initially "turned off" by the concept of sexism. They find it difficult to consciously recognize and accept the possibility that the world is imperfect, sexist. They think things are supposed to be fair, and they should not have to waste their time and energy battling such problems as sexism. Feminism is defined in the book as the philosophy of legal, social, education, and economic equality between women and men. Feminism is the philosophy of equality between women and men that involves both attitudes and actions, that infiltrates virtually all aspects of life, that often necessitates providing education and advocacy on behalf of women, and that appreciates the existence of individual differences and personal accomplishments regardless of gender.
Working with women you must know that women are more likely than men to be poor. They are also more likely to be the primary caretakers of children and older adults than men. Additionally women are victimized by specific kinds of violence not suffered by men. Women experience lack of self esteem and a sense of powerlessness. As a social worker, you can help a woman client regain her sense of power and control over her own life. Social workers can teach women about assertiveness and how to develop assertiveness skills.

Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2015). Understanding Generalist Practice. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

Reflection 5 - Chapter 14
One of the most important objectives as a social worker is to help people obtain the resources they are needing. Advocacy is defending, representing, and championing the rights of individuals, groups, or communities using direct action, empowerment, or other means designed to achieve desired outcome. It is an obligation of all social workers and acknowledged as so in the NASW Code of Ethics. Advocacy entails bargaining, speaking out, and negotiating to achieve social and economic justice. There is knowledge required for workers acting as advocates. They need to know the rights of the clients and the avenues of redress available to the clients. They must know the resources that can be mobilized on behalf of the client. And they must master strategies and tactics that are most likely to be effective.
 There are many strategies and tactics that can be used to engage in intervention such as persuading, using fair hearings and legal appeals, employing political and community pressure, using the media, and petitioning.
When using legislation for advocacy there are are series of steps to pass new legislation bill. Step 1 is developing and revising the draft bill. Step 2 is identifying, obtaining, and maintaining the bill's supporters. Step 3 is arranging for sponsorship of the bill. Step 4 is introducing the bill. Step 5 is working with interest groups to broaden support for the bill. Step 6 is educating the public. Step 7 is influencing legislative committee consideration. Step 8 is influencing action on the floor. While taking policy as a social work student we found out how important each of the steps are while working with legislation in Austin.

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Recording 3
Juggling Relationships and School.

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Hello All:

I am contemplating class today. I know that some really wanted a review for the exam over chapters 9.10, 14 & 15.

Please respond whether you would be okay without the review and by passing face to face class.

Today would have been our final face to face class, so you have to come to the conference so that we can give "we made it" hugs.
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40 somethings' women comparing their 20s
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