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Name: Ookami Tsubaki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Weapon/Meister: Weapon
Weapon: Ookami is a Kasarigama, while she loves to kick bad guys ass, it's kinda hard to throw yourself.
Personality: fun loving goofball who loves to kick bad guys asses.
Likes: hanging with friends, playing games, sweets, reading in her spare time
Dislikes: being bored, having no food, fire, bitchy blonde bimbos
Crush: Open
Parents: Yurei Tsubaki and Natsuko Tsubaki, whereabouts unknown
Meister: OPEN
Bio: Ookami had always loved to stand up for the nerds when it came to bullies, it didn't matter how old she got. One day she overheard some jerks plans to join the DWMA just so he could have, "Free reign" of whatever he wanted, since he was a weapon too. She couldn't stand for that so she ended up joining the DWMA to kick him out, luckily Dr. Stein found out, but ended up dissecting him as an experiment. Ookami seemed to not want to leave after her work was over and decided to stay and hone her skills as a weapon.
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Everyone, pelase make a profile. Thank you. :3


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(Art not mine) Name:Kotamy
Personality:loud,cruel,kind to friends,doesn't know her own strength
Dislikes:kieshen eggs ,people,loneliness
Crush: none
Parents:Iota usamary and Ikito usamary (there both dead)
Meister:looking for meister
Bio:no one remembers
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Name Yukki

Age:  "Im 13 o,o"

Crush: "Um, i have no crush! No crush at all!" (None)

Singlw/Taken "Single..?"

Gender "Female!"

Looks: Down below

Personailty Daring,unpredictble,Funny,Dramatic,Brave,Intense

Likes: "Oooh! I like, peace and calmness, having fun with friends..Fighting dangerous battles,getting in trouble XD

Dislikes: "Icky, googy stuff. Death of course! Ememies"

parenst "Hmm..i actually dont know!"

History Okie,Yukki was always determied to sjo wherself that just because she was a little kid, she could do big things! After a dangerous battle she had proven it, now being a good fighter..but always left with a scratch (weird...profile..derp)

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Meister:Death The Kid
weapon form:pistol

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Sibling:the enchanted sword
Weapon form:assassin weapons

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(Art never mine)
Name: Sakura Yuuto 

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Parents: Don't remember 

Crush: Nah

Looks: The picture tells it all

Personality: Quiet, Secret, Sarcastic, Nice, Enjoyable 

Mister: Open

Likes: Flowers, Doing hobbies, Cooking, TV, Sleep, Tea, Candy, Food

Dislikes: The Kishin, Homework, Being tired, Bullies, Embarrassment 

Bio: Sakura was born a weapon (her weapon is a katana) and she used her powers for good stuff like gardening and chopping stuff up until she found out about DWMA and joined she is still waiting for her mister but  she could last long enough.

Maka and Soul were just finishing off a Kishin Egg Soul number 58! They high - five and Soul tell it Thank you for the meal! (OPEN)

patty and tsubaki were walking around trying to find something to do

patty looked about trying to find Lizz and kid
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