A stranger in strange clothing walks into the castle he's wearing strange clothing and a rather large centipeed is wrapped around his waist as a belt he walks to a palace guard and asks to see the king +Zyther Frost

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Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race/species: Wolf
Sexual orientation: Bi
Ocupation: Giant Insect Breeder/Trainer
Description of house: 2 story log cabin, living space and beding on second floor, business on first.
Location of house: forest
Class: middle
Likes: sitting his insect cave breeding ground listening to the insects comunicate, his spider hourglass
Dislikes: exterminaters, theives, people asking how he raises and trains his bugs
Hobbies: insect breeding/Training, hunting

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This is real. I know someone who ignored it, she died from it!

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Name: Ryan Zachary
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger Shark
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Home: A roomy shack, mostly composed of wood and sand rock
Location: The shoreline
Class: Lower
Likes: Chocolate, Skittles, bacon burgers, swimming, hunting, rainy/snowy days, and meeting new and friendly people
Loves: A certain violet colored sergal from the digital world, you know who you are ;//3
Dislikes: Hot weather, fishing boats, rude and obnoxious people, and shirts apparently
Hobbies: Travelling and hunting all for fun
Powers: He's able to control the waves of water as he pleases. So don't piss him off or he might just destroy your house with a tsunami!
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Name: Sakato Izuko Wolf

Age:  17 ((170))

Gender: Male

Race/species:  Wolf/ Half Demon ((Ifrit))

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Occupation: Runaway Prince, 

Description of your house: Two story mansion, Decor, Old Victorian with assorted items hung and pictures he made. 

Location of house: Plain region near a waterfall.

Class: Royal ((Hidden))

Picture of your character or sona:

Likes: Nice people, great allies, weapons, food.

Dislikes:  Bullies, Corruption

Hobbies: Playing flute, sparing, making weapons and armor, traveling

Bio: It all started down in the depths of the pits of fiery hell. Where the strongest of demons lay.. In a mansion in a room on the far east side. In a cradle lay two babies one of white hair and the other a fiery red. The sound of swords clashing and sparks flying could be heard in the main hall way. One of the men was named Orion Shade and the other Daemon.. They fought viciously till Orion was downed but alive. Daemon took the child of white hair and took off out of hell and to the surface. There he lay the child in the hands of dark elves. As the boy grew so did the fear from the elves. The kids bullied and picked on him. Every day was a mere struggle. Though..there was only two dark elves whom treated him as if he were their own. Though it was looked down upon. The day finally happened when he was handed a loaf of bread by a generous newcomer when one of the guards though it would be fun to try and take it away from him. Within the struggle Sakato instinctively shot a fireball right through the guard..though the flame was white..and it brought tremendous amounts of heat and energy. Though as the guard dropped everyone gasped... He took off to his home taking the dagger he made and a cloak. Taking off into the distance. During his travels he aged as he would. Going through towns and cities.. Though one day..he was adopted by a king due to his abilities. Throughout this life was nothing but tyrancy. Though the day he left when he gave some food to a few homeless children...next day they were accused of stealing.. And were executed. From that day forward he became a runaway prince. Throughout his life he took positions of many different kingdoms and covens. One Empire...Wisinborg was when he was given the name of Gulden Hertz. He had came into the Empire and had offered to stay as one of the people though they were at war.. Sakato offered to help and in turn become one of the people. Throughout these times he had ended up upgrading weaponry and training the men. Thus becoming popular as well as owning the name of the name of the guns The Saka-Flintlock a gun that fires enchanted bullets. And upon impact gives elemental damage. He was known by everyone as a hero. The soldiers sang his name and the even the of one of the towns bought one. Though he left in secret..he never stayed long.. Venturing out more he obtained his signature suit. Which was a black leather cloak, two gauntlets, a kitsune mask, studded metal plated pants and boots. And black gloves. The armor as one shoulder plate upon his left shoulder. As the years go by so did Sakato's power increase. Day by day he tried perfecting his white flames. Sakato had obtained the nine swords while on the way to a kingdom. The swords suited his speedy style, he taught himself to dual wield and the art of juggling style. Which required speed in order to slash,swing, throw, catch, then swing, slash, swing then throw once again in a juggling formation. This required alot of stamina and speed. When taking a quest for the king he caught sight of two trench knives that was one whole blade each. Jagged knuckles with a long blade. Buying these he used them to get up close and personal. Later on he bought a crossbow with small bolts to conceal what he had. But coming across a mine he had found some blood rubies. They were tough finds as he dug deep within mine to find. Sakato's first big battle was with a man named Squal. Squal was a tall powerful man with red hair and one large great sword. With Sakato's speed and demonic energy had tied the man neck and neck. Both nearly fell but decided to call it a draw and the two became life long rivals though made a vow that only they would die by each other's hand. After parting ways Sakato then headed to the town he was directed to go to. Sakato collected the taxes and headed back to meet a large beast whom was a rank 5 demon. Sakato is only a rank 4. Though to his strength at the time was still increasing. This fight would prove his place amongst the order.. Though the fight ended with Sakato dead upon impact when his body collides with the ground as he were slammed.

Sakato only saw darkness..until his grandfather's minions cleaned him up and revived him. Sending him out to the world weak and without weapons.. Sakato stayed hidden till a year went by as everything came back. Though his horns soon appeared upon his forhead.  Using his magic to keep them from view. Over time he bought a mansion in the country side near a waterfall. Though he didn't know where it was.

As the years gone by he matured nicely. Upon discovery within a waterfall he found certain engravings that led deep into the rocky wall behind the fall.. Deep within had inscriptions upon the walls that led way to being able to travel through time and dimensions. Upon reading aloud he jumped forward into the future in a museum in the 2000's of modern day..

Father: Orion Shade: Fallen Angel, Ifrit
Mother: Angeliqe: human
Grandfather: Ifrit, Commander of private demonic army 
Grandmother: Angel-Works under Michael- Fallen after marrying a demon.

Weapons: 9 swords. One Neo Katana. Two Trench Knives. A summoning sword. And two arm blades.

Sakato was walking in the forest where he was heading to the castle, looking upon the atmosphere of the setting he was in felt a bit thick. He stays on his toes in case something comes at him from out of no where. Using the demonic energy to set up a 5 mile barrier around him to trigger him into knowing someone was there. After a while he went to sit along the river bank. Sipping on tea he felt the barrier being invaded and waits for the fur or person to come in his direction.

((Limited Space, 6 spaces free in Rp))

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Name: Sylus Denari

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: straight

Occupation: Prince

Description of your house: House Denari, in control of a small island off the coast of the main land call Solstice, but we're the richest cause the land is rich with gems, gold, silver, and ebony

Location of house: Far north

Class: Royal

Likes: A strong empire

Dislikes: cowardice

Hobbies: Training, parties, and meditating

Bio: I was born and raised to be sort of a politician but there's always been second side, beast like animalistic bloodlust I can't control when in battle, my mother says my grandfather the original king of Solstice. He was a brilliant but mad man, his thirst for blood and power is the reason why we spread as far as we have, my mother was the one to kill him take his throne, I was born soon after, my father is somewhere on the outskirts in exile after he tried to kill my mother and take her throne. Me, I have no such ambition. I love being a prince all the perks, no responsibility.

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name scarlet
Age: 4 
Gender: female
Sexual straight
orientation: none
Occupation: none
Description of your house: no house
Location of house: no house
Class lower
Likes: new people
Dislikes: being an orphan
Hobbies none

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((I've been here for a while, but never made a profile here))
Name: Donkey Kong (DK)
Age: Unkown
Likes: bananas, being around his friends (especially Diddy and Dixie), music, and video games
Dislikes: Crank Kong's rambling, King K. Rool, and anybody who threatens his home and friends
Bio: DK is the carefree, laid back hero of DK Isle. Because of his laid back nature, he has the tendency to be somewhat lazy. However, when trouble and danger arises, this ape never hesitates to Spring into action!

Name: Diddy Kong
Age: Unknown
Likes: bananas, being around his friends (especially DK and Dixie), going on adventures with DK, music
Dislikes: King. K. Rool, Cranky Kong's rambling, being left out of adventures or activities
Bio: Diddy Kong is DK's loyal partner and buddy. He looks up to him as a true hero and knows that he couldn't have asked for a better partner and best pal. Diddy has also proven himself to be a true hero in his own right such as rescuing DK from the clutches of K. Rool and ridding Timber Island of Wizpig.
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Name:Michael foxx (goes by fox)
Likes:rebels and music
Dislikes: cops
Bio:a young rebellious fox with a taste for music
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