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here's my oc, 
name: oni rikou
age: unknown
alignment: good
eye color: none
background: is the brother of fierce deity link and is just as strong and skilled as his relative in the ways of the sword, magic, and physical strength and is feared by all evil forces

Holy crap guys! 90 members?! I was not expecting that!
You guys are awesome!
I'm probably going to need some more admins to help out around here, so I'll open up admin positions soon enough.
Remember, feel free to join, make a profile, and RP!

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Villain RP:
Name: Skull Kid
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Bi: Straight
Items: Stolen Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask
Likes: nothin
Dislikes: nothin
Bio: a kid was banished from Clocktown after Finding some fairies and he bumped into The Happy Mask SalesMan and knocked him out and took the Majoras mask planninghis revenge
Info: ???
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Name: Nelixa Lon
Age:11 or 12
Native area:Clock Tower
Fairy's name:Nella
Weapons:Sword of Elements,Bow and arrows,etc.
Masks: Deku,Zora,Great Goddess,etc.

Playing the song of healing on my ocarina while the Clock Tower
HMS:Well done Nelixa well done!
Me:Thanks HMS!

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name usurper king zant
Native area:twilight palace
Fairy dont have one

Hey, all of you awesome people! I'm quite sorry I've been inactive with this community, I'm still a huge amateur at running one! ((And running several LoZ communities is definitely something I didn't expect to happen!)).
Anyway, please, give me suggestions on how to make this community better, because I will take every suggestion into consideration.
I know I'm going to add the different places throughout Termina to the lists, and add the complete Map of Termina soon.
Any more suggestions? Thanks~!

ugh zant is not in Majora's Mask but can i still be him?
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