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If any one is active Join this community since no one is active in this community

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The scary thing is is that this is ACTUAL concept art.

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Hello everyone there, so... this is the most serious problem in Undertale community. It's called: ART THIEF

So first, please take a look at the official Flowerfell Tumblr first:

Okay, if you done that, then move on.

Well, this is the most serious problem on every Art communities, and TONS (yes, I mean a bunch) of Artist gave up on their art, because of the art thieves...

What is an "Art thieves"?
>Art thieves is like, someone reshare, or repost, without asking the artist and credits on their work.

Why this thing is the serious problem?
>A ton artists has deleted all of their content, also there were a lot of people in Japan and Korea busted for copyright reasons, although those works was theirs.

Can I do something to reduce this problem?
>Tell your friends to ask and credits the artist before post something that has THEIR ART(s)

"Hello friends, I'm [name hidden].
So I see all people stole my friend content without asking or even credit the artist.
So... [gender hidden too] wanted to delete all of [ * ] content.
Because of YOU! YOU ARE THE GUY WHO STOLE ALL OF MY FRIEND CONTENT. PLEASE. DIE (that was exactly what [ * ] said).
My friend will delete all of [ * ] content.
Heard that? Delete. DELETE. <<< YOU want this, right? =)
Please stop stealing my friend content, if you don't want this happen. Please."
- Unknown Artists (they both deleted their content, this is what exactly I remembered)

So... if you wanna post an art, please GO ASK THE ARTIST AND CREDIT THEM.

Also please say no to these source: Google, Pinterest, iFunny and also Amino (unless they are on here), etc.
Say yes to these source: Tumblr, Pixiv, etc.

So this is the end. I hope you help these artist.
Also please Reshare this to your friends, before all the artist regret to make their art, I don't want this happens
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Who changed it? I wanna know

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This is what happens when I'm bored

new universes are born

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Human napstablook is a cutie :3

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Ooooooh!!!!!! Art not mine (the last pic is supposed to go after "please stop your scaring me" on the sans part where frisk was slammed to the ground but eeh)
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Hello everyone, I'm here to say the contest is over. It took so long cause I just moved and my life is together so I'll so who the winner is soon

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When do u guys think the war on fnaf and undertale will end
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