Energy Brokers / Sales Agents

Now Let’s Look At The Available Choices GC.

Option 1
Earn 10-35% Commissions
Access to Sell Business/Commerical Industrial Customers
Training (Sales Rep)
A TruPowur Email Address
Assigned Principal to Help Close Deals
Use your own mobile phone.
Make your own hours [min. 16 hours a week]
Cold/Warm Leads provided.
Simple Quoting / Sales process

Sales Reps can also Upgrade to AGENT at anytime within the next commission cycle.  Commissions are calculated the last week of the month on all completed sales. Commissions are paid the week the suppliers pay GC.

Option 2

Earn 35%+ Commissions
Access to Commercial Sector Territories
Business/Commercial/Industrial Warm-Cold Leads Provided.
Simple Bid/Quoting/Sales Process.
Team Building Ability/Opportunity with Overrides
Control of Commission on Each Contract/Sale Offered.
Agents may hire their own sales reps [no more than 12].
Commissions are calculated/paid weekly on all completed sales. Agent that earn over a $100K per Month in Commission will receive a BONUS.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ATTENTION ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
 We would like for you to Book an Appointment for a phone One-On-One Interview, where we will walk you through our entire Sales System and Proprietary Process prior to joining us. There are no financial commitments required.  If you are ready to take your earning ability to the next level – contact us.

Email us your availability.
We will schedule an appointment with you.
9AM to 12 PM Tueday & Thursday
Tel. Domestic U.S. - 845.682.4549 EST
Outside U.S.
Skype: gianoplus
Viber/WhatsApp: 845 682.4549

States: NY, NJ,MA,PA, OH, RI, ME, IL, MI, CA,
Wash DC for both Electricity & Gas
VA, FL, GA, NM, CO – Gas Only.
OR, TX, CT, DE – Electric Only.
These are the states we target. You do not have to live in those states or the U.S. to be a sales rep with us.

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27 /Female

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I was awarded VASH housing assistance recently and have a %30 service-connected disability rating. The housing costs are $0 with no employment up to %30 of income while employed. Does my service-connected disability count as income that I would have to use to pay on that %30 of required pay with income for housing?

I am just wondering because if it is income then I am not eligible for EBT/SNAP food assistance due to the $400/m putting me over the amount that someone has to stay under in order to qualify for food assistance and food assistance in Colorado is $190. The VASH housing %30 is $133. If service connected compensation is income, doesn't that mean I need to pay taxes on it each year as well?

If anyone has any knowledge of how this works I would love some insight into this, please!

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Do us a favor, please!! Every time you go to Buffalo Wild Wings please let the manager, server, bartender, and/or cashier know you support @MosHeroes and our Veterans, Service Members and their families too! Let’s end homelessness and unemployment together! #Moswingsmonday

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Mo's Heroes is on a mission to make the public aware of the help and resources that are available so if you come across someone in need we (the public) can get them the behavior health support they need, or help with VA Benefits, or help with getting their discharges upgraded, or help finding employment and other sources of income they may be eligible for e.i. SSI, SSDI. There are VSOs (Veteran Services Officers and Veterans Services Organizations), Veterans Benefits Advisors, Non-profits with a paid staff, VA programs, elected officials have personnel who work on Veterans issues, every state has separate benefits for Veterans, the VA gives 300 millions in Support Services for Veteran Families each and the list goes on and on. We do our best to constantly share that information with the public.

There is no magic pill or a one size fits all solution, but the individuals who need help (or a trusted friend/family) and the community has to meet somewhere in the middle.

In the last couple years I've seen some of it all. Some people took the advice and support and got back on their feet. Some people said "I'm not doing this and I'm not doing that" and I've had to learn you can only help those who want the help.

That's why some Veterans are "ok" and some of us are "not ok".

Please consider making a donation to help Mo’s Heroes support our Veterans!

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Mo’s Positive MOments of Truth

Here are 5 ways I would like your help with to serve our Veterans to end homelessness and unemployment so we can significantly reduce the number of homeless and unemployed Veterans we have this time next year.

1. If you are a landlord get your vacant properties listed with the VA and HUD Vash.

2. If you are a barber, hair stylist or make-up. Donate some time to offer a free or discounted service to our homeless Veterans. Helping our Veterans get their confidence back is priceless.

3. Hire a Veteran and pay them a decent wage.

4. Encourage the Veterans in your life to seek help. There are many options for support, be another one!

5. Support Mo’s Heroes! We can do it alone and we want to work with you!

If you have any job openings, affordable housing, or want to donate a service, please email us at We will help promote your Opportunities to our Veterans in need of support! #Mosheroes #TheMoyouknow

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If you live in #SanDiego... Free Beer and food for all of our active duty, veterans, and their families. Join me, Scott Evans, Wednesday, August 1st, at Ballast Point Miramar. I will teach you everything you need to know about #VAloans and the benefits available to you.
OH YEAH! - and lots of free beer and food!

Click the link below to RSVP

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This is a gathering place for Veterans to share ideas, journeys, and prayers.

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Krishna Culture Store - USA
Krishna Culture Store - USA
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