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Do a quick google search for 'vaccine chemicals' and click on the "feedback" link below their boxed answer to tag it as inaccurate.

#TeachTheMachine #provaxx   #vaccinationswork  

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Come be sceptical in a club!

Join us at DeeTwenty Geeking Venue for an evening of social scepticism. We'll watch a documentary or something together, have a chat about sceptical things and enjoy the company of fellow sceptics.

What are we going to watch? That's up to you!

How it works:
1. Go to Google Moderator (
2. Suggest a documentary/lecture/debate/whatever you'd like us to show at Sceptics in the Club.
3. Vote on everyone else's suggestions

On the night we'll take a one of the top-voted suggestions and watch it together in the Hall. Easy! If the top-rated suggestion is short enough, we might pick a second one and shotgun them!

It's R45 for a Day Pass, which includes bottomless coffee/tea/hot chocolate and Health/Mana potion. Snacks and other beverages are available at the Power-Up Bar.

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Regarding the follwing post:

I have written a letter, attached, that I intend to send to News24. If you would like to be a signatory, or have any suggested edits, please let me know!
So I have drafted a letter to News24 and would like some input. This is based on the column posted in News24 Voices that +Gregory Nietsky shared. This is your chance to give input. I will give you editing abilities if you would like, but for security reasons the document is read only.

I need signatories to the letter.

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Is it just me, or does this smell like a hoax?

It's still my hypothesis that the ANC would steal a national election, should they ever legitimately lose one. But this doesn't ring true as an attempt to do that.

Firstly there's the location: a public park. They weren't burned, shredded or dumped somewhere nobody would ever see them (of which there are many in Pretoria alone), they were dumped in a public park where they were bound to be discovered in a matter of hours.

Secondly there's the quantity of ballots in the bags: a few hundred? A couple thousand maybe? That's barely the quota from a single voting station, hardly enough to influence the outcome of a national election.

My suspicion is that this is the work of a motivated but misguided DA voter (or group of voters) trying to cast doubt on the validity of the election.

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Fantastic response. I must remember to donate some cash to Wikipedia.
New Skeptools: Skeptics cheer as Jimmy Wales responds to petition: "the work of lunatic charlatans."

Alternative medicine advocates petitioned the founder of Wikipedia to reign in skeptics. Here's how he replied.

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Watch it, watch it all, all the way to the end because the scientific truth is better. 
"But now I'm curious... I've switched the TV off and now I want to see how it operates, how it can put me into all those weird situations... so it's about time. See, this is what it looks like. Look at this, this looks like a city, like a little model of a city" - yup, this is pretty much exactly how I expected Björk to describe how a TV works.

Second time I've rage-quit an episode of SGU because their movie reviews annoyed the crap out of me.

Is it impossible to disagree with some point or aspect of a movie without spewing bile all over it, ruining the experience for those of us who might have enjoyed it despite its flaws?

Phil Plait somehow manages to critique flaws in movies in a helpful and engaging way, without having to be a complete asshole about it. If only the SGU could do the same.

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I like this... simple, but not condescending, clear but not threatening.

Of course those of us here already know this stuff, but this might be a good video to send to that Christian aunt or vaccine-denier friend who asks you want a sceptic is.
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