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We're do delighted by the spate of new followers and readers this weekend, OH, A FERRET!

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Last Saturday we were chatting about The Baby Surprise Jacket. I mentioned that I use a cheat sheet to keep myself on track. I wanted to share the link to the PDF I used. I'm happy to say I found out on Sunday that I need to make another one because a friend is due in August.

Whew! +corey pressman and +Brett Sandusky spent the last 90 minutes talking non-stop to people at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference Startup Showcase in New York City. They Skyped me in, which was amazeballs.

Now we wait to see who the three winners are. It's been a super competition, and we've gained tremendously from participating, whether we end up triumphant or not. Still, fingers crossed!


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+Brett Sandusky, who's our director of product development and also a knitter and a foodie and an all-around awesome individual, writes a weekly column at +Digital Book World about our experience as an early-stage publishing start-up.

This week, he wrote about our community-engagement plan. Which, creepy, you're experiencing right here on this very G+ page.

Thank you for joining us on this grand adventure!

I talked with Kim all about Holocene this weekend, and I am incredibly excited to see this magazine come to life!

Kim, this is exciting. If history is an indicator of the future, then Holocene has a bright future. Missed the Hangout, but hopefully will be there next time.

Friends, please ignore any notification you may have received from Google that we've canceled the Hangout on Saturday. It's on!

shakes fist at Google

Good morning, friends! I'm just back from The National NeedleArts Association trade show in Long Beach, CA, where I learned a few things. 1) It's possible for me to simultaneously be in Southern California and be happy (which, for this grey-loving vampire is truly a revelation); 2) I've really missed my yarn folks and some of them missed me, and being on that show floor after a four-year hiatus was a little like returning home; 3) The Holocene made some people super excited, which in turn excited me, which resulted in some really awesome conversations; 4) I brought home a very, very wee loom. It's very wee. I think I'm going to become a weaver.

So, what did you make over the weekend?

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More of our story is up today! Check out our +O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Startup Showcase Finalist profile and learn more about what makes us tick. (This profile is the reason we had this photo taken. In a stunning juxtoposition, a book-binder took the photo.)
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