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Name: Ryokai Hyzikyaxai

Age: 20

the blue tailed Hǔ shén demon prince

Height: 6'1

Weight: 170

Languages: Chinese, Japanese, and English

Sayings: “I'm hungry” (Mantra 0 Ryokai)
“ I was born weak and defenseless and was always being protected but now i will protect others”(Mantra 1 Ryokai)
"Let your Mind and Heart guide you to happiness "(Mantra 2 Ryokai)
" my mother followed the code, my father followed the code and now i must follow it with them in my heart and in my spirit i will be the warrior to shake the heavens” (Mantra 3 Ryokai)
"Believe in the person that believes in you"(Mantra 4 Ryokai)

Occupation:warrior , wanderer, wantedman, universal protecter

Persona: kind, perverted, adventurist, always hungry, always happy,shy sometimes, not that smart, willingness for peace, funny, romantic, loving, otaku

Notable Title: the new king of the demon world, the blue tiger warrior, the wondering warrior, the otaku from a different world

Fighting style:
tiger style kung fu kickboxing (mixed w/ acrobatics & black tiger kung fu plus ninjustu)

Weapon style: samurai and ninja

Unarmed skills: shaolin tiger style and kung fu tiger style

Weapon skills: he has the skills of a samurai and ninja after reading many manga and books

Speed skills: he has the speed of a demon but it increases when food is involved

Little crow(demon butterfly blade Katana with 5 different transformations:
1.normal single butterfly blade
2. Long katana
3. Bow that shoots aura arrows
4. blade spear
5. Demon angel blade)
flute of life and death
Shamisen of love and kindness
His dango ponytail (they can torn into a wipes with blades)
Ninja weapons
Black Toxic Blade
His iron claws

Gender: male

Type: demon prince blue tiger demi god hybrid born in human skin

Hǔ shén(he inherited his mother's legendary blue Hǔ shén speed and unable to be burned as he can eat or make blue fire/ ice plus the well to connect with nature,the spirit world but sense he is not fully a Hǔ shén he can only have only limit on his power as he can die 9 times but after that he will become a ghost unless he gets sake to heal him and when he goes into his warrior form he can heal himself but when he is in rage he will turn into his beast form as his wild side will awake. when he finally finds true love his true power will appear.)

Doragon maō (he inherited his father's legendary red Doragon maō strength and speed as he has the marks of his father with the teleportation and portal jumping but when he portal jumps he doesn't know where he is going at all or what will happen and when he is in demon form he goes into a rage or just insanity as he can turn any knife or any metal into a blade with the addition that it is also a curse so sense is half Doragon maō he can only control himself for a short amount of time before his demon blood takes over as he can become full demon....a real demon king)

Aura (he can use either his aura's blue fire to make blast or energy balls or make attacks more stronger)

Unpredictable otaku combo (after learning about action style manga and anime he learned how to use fighting anime character's attacks with his own to make a great combo)

Warrior mode (when he summons his warrior's code his aura turns purple and he gets a different outfit)

Beast mode (in beast mode he can turn into a furry blue tiger or turn into a huge sabertooth blue tiger)

Demon mode (when he is in demon mode his power increases and his body slowly grows demon like and so does his personality as it almost makes him unstoppable)

Angel mode /Fallen Angel mode (in angel form his aura is white like his wings and in fallen Angel form his wings are bones as he can use his halo as a weapon)

Unnormal Strength&high speed speed (with all his training his strength is like 20 ox's with the speed faster than any jet)

Teleporting (with his training he learned to also teleport to different worlds by using his father's and mother's aura power)

Likes: eating,having fun, cooking , catching fish, painting, cleaning, magic, and training people, sealing evil demons away, strong opponents, peace, cherry blossom, anime, manga, martial art movies, samurais, animals, working, cooking, making friends, girls, boobs,ninjas, haiku, fighting videogames

Relationship: Single

Sexual occupation: Straight

Dislikes: bad people,weak opponents,genderbenders, plus being called a dumb monkey or dumb cat, death to others he cares about, bad foods

Ryokai was once named Zen as his parents decided he will choice his name of his 13th birthday but when he saw his parents be killed as soon as he opened the door for home as he was framed of killing his parents but the person was the man known as Kaizo the demon hunter as Ryokai never got into a fight in his life until that day he fought to protect his parents as he was defeated but his parents gave him there life force to live so as got out of the burning building with ripped clothes and a different look he was kicked out of his village as his friends we're forced to stay there...he was so alone for 3 months with no food or able to sleep without being hunted down as he had the little crow the blade his father kept in hiding before he died as it has been protecting him as he was going through the pain of the lose of his parents also....until he heard stories about a temple up in the mountains that could heal all people and training people as he wanted up the hill in rags and bad clothes as he made it up the mountain founding the temple as he was they said he was a demon as the grandmaster said this words: a demon is someone who would kill anyone and anything in it's path and kill anyone so why are we not dead? That question is simple that this boy has never has had blood on his hands or killed so we will welcome you to this temple and on the day you leave here i shall give you a new name...... Years past as Ryokai grow up stronger learning new masterful techniques but his personality didn't as he still acted like a child from time to time with him traveling to the universe of the human world to see what it was like by portal jumping as he learned different techniques and ate different foods until one day he came back to the temple after trying repeatedly to get back and found it destroyed as his master died in his arms giving the boy the name Ryokai Hyzikyaxai as it said in the scroll that had the path of a warrior's code in it so he read it and learn that there will be more warriors in different worlds wanting to come after him with no regrets so he took a black headband he kept from his master as it had the Japanese symbol for devine wind so he went off with his huge scroll and went off on his journey for the world to hear as he must find all the scrolls before they are put into the wrong hands......

-being killed 9 times
-a good fight
-his friends
-the memories of his parent's death

Area style: he will fight any where but he loves to fight in a open cherry blossom field

Specialty: making friends and good asian good

Favorite food: Chinese, Japanese, Korean food

Hobbies: training, eating, fighting, working, traveling, helping others, cooking, reading manga, kendo, karate,judo, KQD, kung fu, martial arts


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Name: Ciamath
Age: 15
Species: Draco ninja
Weapon: Fire Blade- this weapon can conduct elecricity and can spew flames
Likes: weapons, books, training
Dislikes: other students, teachers, people and school
Bio: Ciamath was bullied and the teachers did not help, they ignored his cries so he has grown a hatred for people at the academy.
Note: He can manipulate his own chakra into lightning
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Name:Shen Zangetsu
Species: Shadow Hunter
Weapon: Dual Blade & Sword
Likes: Being Alone, Singing & Playing
Dislikes: People, and Traitors
Bio: Doesn't Remember anything
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Name: Celena
 Age: 17
Species: half demon/ half human 
Weapon: two silver katana's , kamas, and and two fans with midnight moon on it 
Likes: singing, dancing, practicing
Dislikes: traitors
Bio: too painful....

(Hello... I'm kinda new ;-; )

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Name: Ami hyuuga
Species: neko
Weapons: swords
Likes: killing
Dislikes: idk
Bio: unknown

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