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I'm Raindow Dash!!!

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Any one on this late? Me andmost of my oc's want say hi!

Bukka Sifer/Blood Rose: Greetings.
Kreeed: Hi.
Victorya: Hello there.
Torc: Hello other life form.
Rosebud: Hi! How are you?
Katy:Hi friends!!
Sour Candy: Sup.
Wind Blazer: H...hi....
Jay: Hi...I guess.
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Anypony up for a rp?

Rp anyone?

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Any mlp artist out there i need a favor!

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Rp anypony?

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*anyone wanna rp? it can even be a group one

leaten every one we need to expand and get more members

Well. I can't be surprised.
You finally got a hang of Google+ didn't you Logan aka +leathelrainbow​.

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turns into a pony
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