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Hello, just to notify you guys, I have a few announcements:
-I will be having new moderators soon
-+Jacky wacky will be new co-owner
-Stop putting spam up in this community!

Can't believe these 5th graders grew so fast throughout the 2015-2016 year! Hope you guys have a wonderful summer and have a great time in middle school! Wishing you all the support you need 💕 and hope to see some of you
In MS358 ☺️

Hey 5th Graders! Its almost time to graduate. I hope you guys do good in Middle School. Ive seen you guys go from tiny 3rd graders into mature 5th graders. I hope you all keep in touch with friends and enjoy the rest of you elementry school life.

Good luck to the 5th graders at Ps.182 with going to Middle school, you'll need it.

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if anyone in this group is from MS358q +1 this post
(Idk why i out a video 😖)

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Join my new community Official Roblox Fanclub [New] and get more people to join 😊 and like all my photo's and the person I see in my notifications the most giving them a shout out

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[🌌Master Mavis's Evening Posts🌌]
Like for me ;)

I got bored so i made this >~<
And goodnight everyone!! School nights.....siiiigh <~>

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Dear people from ps 182
Ms.kazi past away last week for those who hate dont care please put a plus for ms.kazi for her death of cancer and please share
RIP Gulshanara Kazi
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