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My ugly fanart sonic

Hi! I'm new... Of Course lets get to my OC Shall we? (I can't draw XD)
Name: Enzo
Likes: Watching people suffer, Shooting his gun, And making enemies
Dislikes: Happieness, Sonic and his friends, Eggman, Being in public
Skill(s): Parlour, Fast Reactions
Personalitaty: Clam, Self-colected, Unfriendly
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Weapons: Sub-Machine Gun and Dagger
Goals: Wants to make the world dark and evil but does it secretly
Powers/Abilities: Can read minds
Appearance: Grey Fur, Black, Red, White and Gold Emo hair with bangs covering left eye(Mostly Black Hair), Emerald Green eyes, One Fang sticking out from right side of mouth, White Glowing Emerald Necklace to heal him with, Black T-Shirt, White Hoodie, Black Jeans, Black, White and Red Shoes (Like Shadow's)
Theme Song: Radioactive-By Imagine Dragons
Bio: At 5 years old his parents we're killed by Eggman's Robots. He was taken by a Black Shadow Figure and put into an Orphanage. When he turned 8 Someone finally adopted him but he was later put into a Military Camp for Children. He then learned all his skills. He now works for a group called R.E.S.T (Revo's Evil Stealth Team) (Revo is Enzo's Brother). He joined because he heard they we're trying to take over the world and kill Sonic, Eggman And the rest of Sonic's Friends.

Anyone care to draw him? I would be very grateful.

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Name: Tails Prower (Evil Half from Tsr)
Age: ???
Powers: Darkness,Flight
Likes: anything Dark
Dislakes: creatures of the Light, Tails Prower (Good Half from Tsr)

On a morning run (open rp)
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