Any news on this? I downloaded the beta and read through the development thread on SSO, it looks very promising! Excited for when the server situation gets sorted out and the final version gets released.

Has development ended on this?

Love the layout. Big problem is that it closes randomly.

What about allowing users to share pics that are posted on the forums? You know, traditional sharing services: Facebook pinterest ecc.

Very well done, mate. Super fast browsing, good droidy style. So far problems that I encountered are simply the ones you are still implementing. From time to time some pages do not load, perhaps those with huge photos inside.

So far I really like the app. It's much better, faster, and comfortable than opening my browser and going to SSO from there (even though I have it bookmarked). It is very comfortable and intuitive to navigate through. I like how the different forums are organized on the slide screen (I forget what it's actually called). Of course, it is a beta version, and some bugs are present. However, most of the ones I've noticed Mitch already knows about. I would, of course, like to see a few more features added, but I'll post about them on their due section. 

All in all, I really like where this is going, and it's already massively convenient. Thanks for the app +Mitch Ware! You're doing a stellar job at it, and I am sure all of us are grateful for the work you're putting in, and, of course, its outcome!

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The app has been published and should be live relatively soon! I have yet to be able to actually install it from the Play Store on my phone, but it can take a few hours (or even a full day) for the app to show up in Play Store listings and & searches, so be patient if you can't get it just yet. 

Note: You MUST go to the following link and 'opt-in' to be a beta tester:

Not sure why you have to do that alongside joining the community, but I guess its the only way for the app to show up on the Play Store when you search from your phone...

Enjoy! and be sure to report any weirdness/unexpected behavior in the "Report Bugs" section here on G+ (along with your device model & android version info).

Also, here is the play store link if you can't find it:

EDIT: I was able to get it installed by opening that link^^ in chrome on my phone, so it should be good to go guys.

I found what may be an error. When posting form the mobile app, the signature does not show up on the web version. (did a test reply from the app, checked on computer) 

- I'd like to some time see the "New Posts" section of the page featured on the app. This is the feature that I use the most when I'm browsing SSO from my laptop, and it's how I find most threads.

- I also use the Control Panel (User CP) a lot to follow threads that I have already posted in, or threads I've subscribed to, so that'd be awesome to have, too. I'm not sure if this will be part of the user info page that's already listed on the app (but which doesn't yet work).

- I'm not sure if I should post this on the "Feature requests" or "Report bugs" section, but previews for YouTube videos aren't showing up for me. Maybe this simply hasn't yet been coded into the app, but I'd like to see that working, too, at some point :)

Just pointing out currently known bugs that I have acknowledged/am working on so you don't have to report them:

-The picture viewer that comes up when images are clicked is shitty and broken
-Image loading within posts is kinda janky and spacing is weird, both of these are being fixed 
-Posts with any custom <font> tags/colors/sizes/etc just won't even load, they haven't been implemented yet and you'll get an error on the post list page (this doesn't include Bold/Italicized/Underlined text)
-All the threads/posts in the "interviews/reviews/articles" section is broken for now, except for " workbench"
-the settings page is pretty useless right now and doesn't do anything (yet)
-random text formatting issues happen sometimes, like "quotes" showing up as "&quot;", certain text symbols show up as a question mark, etc.

I'm pretty sure thats it, anything else I either forgot or is too trivial to mention. If you find anything ELSE besides these issues please let me know!
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