Hello my vampire friends

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(rp of my own vampire)

name: rose hio 
hair: white
eyes: red
family: mother: shazuka hio
rose hio is sweet,kind,and shy. she never talks to anyone but her mother or her friends. she have never been to school, and she never thought about love and never was taught love. she mostly never sleeps and she always walks alone out side in the woods. when someone wants to walk with her shell stay quiet and never talk.

*i sit under a tree alone i close my eyes then i heard i sound i open my eyes then...

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Name: maria kurenai ( rp as maria and shizuka hio)
A vampire

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Name: Claude steel
Age: 19
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Type: half vampire
"Claude is half vampire but he wants to be a full vampire so he can beat his cousin Alexander steel. All Claude needed was blood filed vales. He's been looking for them for a long time. He is in school with mortals (people) and he tries to get Alexander's girlfriend raven to tell him where the vales are. But Claude didn't know his life was gonna change"

i walk into school with my group of friends till...
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