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Dear Viewer's,

Listen very carefully that SEX created by god for utilize it, not to abuse, when you will do sex with anyone then you are men and opposite side is a women the relationship of that time is SEX.

Wild something, for the same reason you have to be a wild and trust on me, money may be not a matter for you even me but when I take it my responsibilities my service liabilities, security even to reach you to your home with good health after doing sex, my looking is to keep my client happy, I am straight forward and like to keep everything secret to bring the customer again to my place.

For those reason I don't need to advertise in each website or cell. My place is either Dhanmondi or Gulshan, if you pay then I will schedule the perfect time and date and inform you when money is there and inform you details.....I hope you understand clearly, if you literate, illiterate, student and jobless are totally forfeited for me.

Special note:
1. If I talk over phone does not mean that I am genuine,
2. If I show my figure in Skype/IMO does not mean that I am honest,
3. If I give you my sexy photo does not mean that all are mine.

If the above three criteria you believe then you must get trust on me as this is completely trust world. Again If you literate then you will not go to bargain regarding the above and if you serious for doing sex then just only ask for my bKash number. Ohh, rate? rate is high because we are maintaining all official in a very high class status. If agree then you are welcome to my world.
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