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Release 1.4 has been pushed to BETA channel.

Changes include:

- Removed ChromeCast as its broken, will support when new implementation is ready
- View recently searched streams in the pull out menu
- Click on recently viewed/searched streams to view them
- Chat in landscape mode when viewing your streams
- Fixed sign-in issue, oAuth token now validated on start up
- Fixed auto-rotate bug where video would keep aspect ratio pre-rotate
- Minor UI changes to Video Screen
- Added Username colors for chat

Wish you made 1 more update, so stream would work. 70% of time, stream cant be opened. From dozen twitch apps i tried, this one looked the best. Really hope you can look into this 1 more time and fix the streams.

Is project development officially stopped? I'll still keep it installed because over data, chat takes significantly less data then official app. But is anything going to happen with this project? 

Hi, just want to let you know, that Zoner Antivirus started flagging Lakitu as Malware today (Trojan.AndroidOS.Agent.B). Seems to be in the latest definition update.

Love your App, keep up the good work.

Any possibility of getting this on Amazon AppStore as well? it works for the BlackBerry 10 devices well & that's their provided android appstore

Hello. Just wanted to ask if there been any development for lakitu at all recently?

Just an update from a user here. got an S5 now and everythings smooth. gonna try an MHL cable soon to my TV. has anything development wise happened yet? haven't heard much in a while. 

Liking the app so far on my HTC One M8 no issues off the start will continue to monitor and report any abnormalities.

How's v2 going? 

Anything new happening development wise? Haven't heard much here in a while. Personally I'd like to see colors fixed but I'm just a tester. Don't know how hard that is to be done.
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