My reflective thoughts...

"I hope they’ve learned as much from me as I’ve learned from them". I learned many thinks when I study to be a teacher in Mexico. But I learned how to teach in the classroom every day, students teach me how to teach.

"I will raise my hand and say, How would this be solved? Or I don’t get this. Can you help me? Just doing that I’m increasing my intelligence" In my experience as a teacher, I told the student frequently : rise your hand if you have any questions. In the beginning my students were little shy, but when they realized that the teacher was listening to them and helping them, many hands were raised.

"I’ll never forget the first time I heard myself say, “This is hard. This is fun” That’s the moment I knew I was changing mindsets."
If the teacher can change the idea for the student that learning can be fun, students can change their lives. I remember when I taught history in sixth grade and the students were so enthusiastic about the subject and when the bell rings they want to stay in class to finish the story. At that time I realized : My students want to learn and had motivation.

"They know how to take tests and get A’s but they don’t know how to do this – yet. They forgot the yet"
As a teacher, I run the risk of teaching that I only prepare my students to pass an exam. The challenge is how to prepare my students to use knowledge for life. They will live in society and they will know how to be better people in the world. And use knowledge to improve the world.

"I know my game. I know what I want to achieve, I know how to get there."
I like that phrase because, it's very useful in our life and we can use it in the classroom when we teach.

"People with the growth mindset, on the other hand, can see the imperfections of their partners and still think they have a good relationship."
I think: nobody is perfect nevertheless, everybody is important and are unique in this world.

If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning.
The parents are the first teachers in the kids life, they need to teach to be better persons and, the teacher will reforce those learnings.

"A successful student is one whose primary goal is to expand their knowledge and their ways of thinking and investigating the world. They do not see grades as an end in themselves but as means to continue to grow."
I think there are many ways to learn and, teachers need to help students what is the best way to learn in each student.

"The great teachers believe in the growth of the intellect and talent, and they are fascinated with the process of learning."

Day One an atmosphere of genuine affection and concern as she promised students they would produce: I’m gonna love you… I love you already, and I’m going to love you even when you don’t love yourself” she said to the boy who wouldn’t try. That's is a lovely thought, great teachers they need to think that when the students have difficult learning

"Do teachers have to love all of their students? No, but they have to care about every single students."

"Collins is no miracle worker. I do not walk on water, I do not part the sea. I just love children and work harder than a lot of people, and so will you." Maybe we are not perfect teacher but, we can try and work hard to love our students doing our best job.

"Growth-minded teachers tell students the truth and then give them the tools to close the gap."

"I am not going to give up on you. I am not going to let you give up on yourself." Because the greater teachers always try to do the best.

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