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The secret of secrets
The mummification in ancient Egypt

The secret of the secrets of the pharaohs that man will remain eager to know for a long time

Although many studies have been conducted on this science

Could not rights in our present reach accurately to know the secret of mummification

All that we know about it is some studies conducted on mummies

In addition to what has been written in the ancient papyri and what was said by Herodotus
Egyptian belief and the idea of ​​keeping the body

The ancient Egyptians first believed in the immortality of soul and believe that the soul does not die and they thought that the human

A several stages begins at birth, old age, and then aging Death and Birth again.

The ancient Egyptians drew this doctrine of natural that surround them:

1 - like the sun when it shines They believe that at the time her birthday so they built their homes to the east and at what sets

It is death, so they built their tombs to the west and thus refers to the underworld.

2 - Nile River, which was flooding Faruon the Zruahm and then subsides in the following year flood again and they think

That man dead when the Nile expresses it skips the difficulties that will face after death.

3 - when the seed implant then grow up Faihsd the then the next world is a seed and grow and harvest again.

And the means of ensuring the Baath and immortality when the Egyptians:

1 - Spirit and Her Highness (Alba), the soul of the deceased has been painted in the form of a bird and human but generally Dead

They believe that this pop-up spirit of God and that there is no difference between the souls of the Pharaohs and the lives of

Gods as their lives not only to create bodies that has befallen them, but dissolved the bodies before

And will be resolved in the bodies after they are timeless neither die nor sing.

2 - the second spouse or body and his (Ka) has painted Kdhirain to the highest a photo

The same person and the body and form, whether a child or a man or a woman 'and creates with the body and generates him

And dwell grave with him after death and can accompany the self to the Court of Osiris and to heaven and become

God, where offerings are served her and saves her body and the ancient Egyptians increased their Tmathil

Dead in the graves because they believe that if consumed corpse stuffed dissolved in sculptures

If consumed those statues consumed with (ka). Elka interference from the placebo and when the door was followed by the family of the deceased

And priests benedictions and prayers Elka entered in the body of the deceased and fed on foods and offerings presented

The ancient Egyptians did not believe Hashr, but Day of the dead, she resurrection.

3 - heart and they called (Ip), which is in the form of heart scarab and this goes after death to the Court of Osiris where.

Carries in the second cuff of the advantages and disadvantages of the initial cuff feather deity (Maat) If the deceased's heart was

Saleh was his heart and became with Osiris committee and became a god and if corrupt gone to hell, where he eats the infernal beast.

4 - body and they called (GT) and were keep it Balthanit.

5 - Shadow and his name (Schott), it enters and comes out with Elka to and from the cemetery

6 - Name and His name rang and was Anakecouna in Dead cemetery until you identify the owner and the Spirit was

The eldest son of the deceased man honors his father's name and by Saleh business.

7 - Alnuraana and renamed (another) the strength, they shall give when someone works charity and good deeds.

Steps of mummification

Mummification process evolved in different eras to be reached maximum degrees in the era of the modern state,

The mummies Kings Thutmose first / Amenhotep II and Seti I and Ramses II,

The Queen of the finest examples resulted over mastering the ancient Egyptian mummification processes

And his success in keeping the body form and tissues of origin.

Brain extract:
Since the brain tissue that rots quickly, he has the Egyptians have to begin

Extracted by first cribriform greatness nose and sinuous rod of copper or bronze in the shape of a spoon.

Extract the entrails:
Was extracted Alakhca the two reasons: The first reason technician because the food waste that was

As well as some fatty tissue between them subject to rot quickly except for the heart and kidneys

If that muscle Onsjtahma strong, religious second reason as stated in one of the papyri

From the third century AD that (I did not kill anyone and did not Aachen Secretariat has not committed a sin

Of the deadly sins, but if you have committed a sin in eating or drinking

What is Muharram, the guilt was not my fault, but is the fault of these viscera).

The entrails were extracted from the incision was working to the left side of the abdomen has description Diodore of Sicilian

Rituals that were taking place in this process, he said that someone was nicknamed the writer was appointed place

Notch in the left side of the abdomen and then takes someone stone Nubia and cut the abdominal wall

Through this incision was first extracted all of the contents in the stomach abdominal vacuum,

, Liver, spleen, large intestine, small intestine, and kidneys they were sometimes Ttrkan,

In place abdominal and sometimes Tnzaaan with the rest of the contents of the vacuum then runs abdominal incision

In the diaphragm, and it is extracted the contents of the vacuum except thoracic and cardiovascular

Related major blood as she was for the heart is particularly important to have it was considering

Center feeling good and kind humanitarian foundations and private compassion and love.

And is responsible for the existence of a person as they were to him the importance of ideological eliminate the legacy of the body because they thought

That the heart was weighed in the calculation if the weight of the owner has committed many sins

The right of it and if equal punishment with a mark of Justice in the balance that the owner personally Parra

Did not commit many sins and therefore has the right to enter the abode of delight with Osiris, the Lord of the world

Another Kano therefore put next to the heart in a lot of cases, Scarab (Garret text) evening comes heart scarab.

Sterilization of interstitial body and entrails:

Was abdominal Lafraaan and movement Aakman the Bgsilama palm wine, as they were entrails

Emptied of food waste and wash thoroughly with water then sterilized Bgsilaa are other palm wine,

The fantasizing wine contains usually on alcohol increased by almost 14%, and will be recalled that alcohol

Is still one of the most important materials used in sterile medical purposes.

Embalmed entrails:

The entrails after Taqimhaeetm of stuffed status of each part of the dry salt Natrun

On a small bed to slash to draw all the water out and dry completely, then address

Aromatherapy and the molten resin and damage to the four independent rolls placed each of them

Sometimes in a small coffin may be of gold Ktwabat the bowels of Tutankhamun

Or silver Ktwabat the bowels of Chacnq then placed the coffins or winders between Tualbet of the

In four canopic Awan called Palawan lids each of which bears the name of one of the four Sons of Horus,

Stuffing interstitial body with a temporary filler materials:

Was Lafragan the abdominal and thoracic Ihhuan temporary filler material consists of three types of

Winders: Nitrite rolls to draw water body from the inside
And rolls of linen cloth to absorb water extracted, and rolls of linen cloth containing

Ali aromatic substances give the body a pleasant smell in the main during the mummification process.
Body water extraction and drying:

This is the main process in mummification and was practically depend on extracting tissues

The body and put the body into a pile of dry salt Natrun on a bed of mummification

A slant bed of stone at the end of a small open basin lead to coalesce the fluid

Which is extracted from the body and it seems that this process used to take forty days, and this seems

The main process of embalming the body is drying embalming bed used to take

Forty days while exploited Thirty days remaining seventy days needed to process

Mummification as stated in many ancient Egyptian texts to hold the rest of mummification

And recite the rituals and prayers for them as stated in the book (the embalming ritual)

Temporary padding materials extraction of the body:

Likely that after forty days of the drying process the body was lifted from Natrun

And extracted from the vacuum materials: Temporary fillers as it had been plagued with water extracted

From inside the body if left him led to the rotting body tissue, and were placed in special jars

Embedded in a special pit or a small room next to the cemetery, which has found many samples were

Among the most important documents that helped to uncover the details of the mummification process.

Body filler spaces permanent filler materials:
After extracting the temporary fillers seems to be interstitial body they carry the body laundering palm wine again

Then Imlian the dry filler materials include new rolls of cloth inside Natron salt and sawdust

Passed and cinnamon and Kashiya and rolls of linen cloth saturated with resin and onion or Beslten in some cases,

The vacuum was skull fills Brantg or linen cloth dipped in molten resin, and then was grabbing

Havta abdominal incision to each side and prove it on a plaque or fissure of beeswax in the form of

Eye of Horus, and proves this panel in place on the molten resin to fill fissure abdominal incision

In some cases, the slit is surrounded by a linen thread.

Paint Body aromatic substances:

Every body was painted with oil, rice and other aromatic paints. And so every surface

Of myrrh and cinnamon powder, to make it a pleasant aroma.

..... Filler openings body:
You are the nostrils and ears plugged with pieces of linen cloth dampened in the molten resin,

The Eyes was placed with each of them a piece of this resin-impregnated cloth under the eyelid

In order to look eyes non Menzlguetan to the inside, but in their levels normal life as much as possible.

... The treatment of the surface of the molten resin body:

Every surface of the body handles molten resin brushing petition and fill the pores of the body even

No body tissue is exposed to the impact of moisture again, and thus not be able to rot bacteria

From the nest on the tissues, as Alratnh also strengthens the body's skin and makes it more cohesive.
/ / / Put ornaments and amulets Wolf body Ballvaúv:
Egyptians keenness to decorate the body much of jewelery was found on my mummy Tut Anj Amon 143 pieces

Of different ornaments from rings and earrings and necklaces, bracelets, amulets and waistcoats different

As they put in, sometimes around the middle belt of beads in the middle of a pendant in the shape of Saqr

Jaúm of garnet red so that it is located above the embalming incision as an amulet to protect the incision and preventive then wrapped the body

All Balvavat of linen that are affixed to each other resin or resin-Otari.

After the end of each of these processes and rituals that accompany performed on the mummy process

Private is the process of opening the mouth which touches the priest greatest mummy's mouth with a rod.
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Secrets of the pyramids, which many do not know
Still science reveals to us little by little about the genius of the pharaohs and their scientific Evoukna stages and reveals some of the secrets that we do not know, including the secrets of the pyramids that the inability of scientists so far for determining the way it was built, which was lifted by the giant stones.

The discovery of strange pyramid power at the hands of the world, "Buffy" which Otbut that objects based on the shape of a pyramid of Cheops and placed in the direction of the north - south magnetic create a vague kind of energy affect the living organisms and inanimate material impact is undeniable. And it turned out the following experiments

1 - re-polishing jewelry and coins that have been oxidized.

2 - re-purity water contaminated after being placed inside the pyramid for several days.

3 - keep the milk fresh for several days, and when they fall ill, change shift to a delicious yogurt.

4 - meat and eggs Athnt the dried remains no matter how long it decays time.
5 - dry flowers, but retain the same forms and colors.

6 - cuts, blisters and burns heal more quickly if presented to the pyramid and the energy field as well as dental pain and migraine headaches "sister" fade, as well as dispel the pain of rheumatism after I came back inside the pyramid model sessions.

7 - sit under a pyramid-shaped space for some time gives a comfortable feeling.

8 - and many of the experiments conducted on aluminum plates which they are made, and utensils "Tagine" to cook meat and other found accelerate the speed of the maturity of the food, as they are made of the head was found helmets it dissipates headaches and send a psychological feeling of comfort.

9 - A germination experience put plants in the pyramid for several days and then take it out outside the pyramid we note the rapid growth of the plant more quickly than their counterparts outside the pyramid.

10 - placing the seeds for several days inside the pyramid then استنباتها outside the pyramid note the speed of germination.
And the development of the amount of water for several days and some of the plants by watering note the speed and quality of growth in yields produced from those plants, and the big difference between them and their counterparts which are watered from ordinary water.
11 - The Pyramids of industry from aluminum sheets and the suspension of two models of them on top of each other and Aissalhma Bslkyin of copper, Aissalhma, to a radio device (inaudible) or visual device as an antenna, we note that the mentioned antenna captures waves (FM) deserved and strength.

12 - put a razor blade in the direction of the south - north inside the pyramid for one day or two days back to her grandmother's unity and can be razor on this pattern for a number more than 200 times without interruption like a new blade.

13 - Develop a cigarette (smoke) inside the pyramid for several days loses nicotine and it is harmful to smokers, as smokers become do not like cigarettes and leave quickly.
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sohinx guard the pyramids thousands of years and no one dared to approach
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