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Defines and measures what matters most.

On the final info graphic for Mesa's Vision, we need to be student centered in instruction, class choices and offerings, and have a visual representation of what success looks like for our students. 

How we plan to get there.

Safety IN our schools: Bottom line is that safety can only be obtained through providing a positive environment for all students. This also includes the wellbeing of our students' mental health. It is crucial to provide outreach to students. 

World Class defined?

"Mesa is a school with a positive and dynamic culture..."

World class outcomes should include the college track, technical jobs, and military options.

As a member of the Town of Safety, we boiled down all of the safety procedures to protecting our students and that begins with the psychological safety of our students. That is what we have the most control over in order to keep the school safe. Keep practicing protocol for other situations or intrusions outside of our school for best practices.
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