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I looked at you my eyes narrowed slightly.
I guess you are the newbie huh? Well welcome to Star Pack. I am your alpha Tina. I may be young but mess with me and get the surprise of your LIFE. Anyways maybe we could find the rank for you.
Here are the ranks for you to choose from.

Alpha - Leader of the Pack, and the descendant of the creator of the Pack.The leadership is equal between the Alpha Male and Female, and they cannot overpower each other in any way. The Alpha leads all and protects all, giving orders to the whole Pack and securing the borders. The Alpha shall be respected and protected by all members of the Pack, and the Alpha should respect and protect the members of the Pack in the same way.CLOSED to Tina

Beta - Second-in-command to the Alpha, being their aide in more ways than one. The Beta often leads battles and hunts, and chooses who the Leads for every Pack are. The Beta will take the Alpha's place if the Alpha dies/steps down and has no heirs to the leadership, and the Alpha's bloodline will be replaced with the Beta's. The Betas cannot challenge the Alpha to the leadership of the Pack like the Gamma/Zora, however.This is a limited rank and Tina will only choose the wolf she most trusts. A limited and closed rank.

Zeta - The mate of the Alpha, and the one who will raise the next Gamma/Zora of the Pack. The Zeta is paw-chosen by the Alpha themselves, and nobody can be forced to change their decision, even if the wolf is from another Pack, a Low Rank, etc. The Zeta is often seen with the Beta or Delta when the Alpha is not present, often giving orders to the wolves of the Pack alongside them. When the Alpha is present, however, Zetas can even be bodyguards to the Alpha.This is limited/CLOSED to Pawnee.

Delta - Deltas are similar to generals, taking orders from the Betas. The Deltas aren't usually seen in battle unless someone is wounded, since they are the healers of the Pack. Most Deltas are taught at a very young age by the former Delta or the Storytellers, however it's not mandatory if they know basic first aide. The Delta is usually seen with the Beta and Zeta, giving out orders to the Pack that the Alpha sent.

Sentinels - Former Alphas of the Pack who have stepped down peacefully, whether it's because of old age, wounds, disease, or because they didn't want to be killed by their heirs. This rank is unknown by many in the Pack, since many Alphas resort to violence against their heirs and are sometimes killed in the process. The Sentinels should be treated with greater respect than the Storytellers, having much experience with their Pack and how it functions.
There are none of these since Tina had made the pack.

Gamma/Zora - After they turn two years old, the Gamma/Zora pups transition to this rank. The Gamma must be the biological pup of the Alpha Male and Zeta Female, and the Zora must be the biological pup of the Alpha Female and Zeta Male. In history, the Alphas have mated with one another at times, producing both pups with one another. The Gammas and Zoras have the choice of challenging their Alpha parents to the death in hopes of leading the Pack, however the Alpha can step down peacefully (see: Sentinels), or they can die of natural causes. This is very rare, however, since the heirs tend to want to gain power in the Pack. These are limited and nobody is allowed to beat Tina. As for when she gets pissed she can kill.

Lead Warriors (Male and Female) - Lead Soldiers of the Pack, these two are chosen by the Alphas or Betas themselves. This is the highest rank any wolves unrelated by blood to the Alpha can get (besides the Zeta), and they tend to be overprotective of their Pack. They work alongside the Patrollers, often sharing reports with one another and going on scouting missions together. These are limited.

Medicine Wolf- The healers of the pack. The wolves tend to have healing talents and have a caring personality. They also may not be the best at fighting. They often heal hunters, and warriors after their fighting, and hunting sessions and are very vile to the pack's survival. These are Unlimited.

Warriors - Soldiers of the Pack, these wolves tend to be very strong and well-trained for battle. The Warriors are usually seen in the main Camp or on the borders of the territory, always scanning the area for newcomers and threats to the Pack.These are Unlimited

Lead Hunters (Male and Female) - Provide the Pack with food, and are chosen by the Alpha/Beta of the Pack. The Lead Hunters will often bring home extra food to the Pack's pups, Trainees, Storytellers, and High Ranks before feeding other members of the Pack. Very Limited.

Hunters - This rank is the most easiest to get in The Pack. The Hunters usually hunt for themselves, often going into separate groups on different times of the day to get food from The Anvil (or any other hunting territory there is). Hunters are not allowed to hunt Ravens or Owls, as they serve several wolves in Packs and can be persecuted. Unlimited.

Lead Patrollers (Male and Female) - These are the protectors of the Pack alongside the Warriors. The Lead Patrollers are often alongside the Lead Warriors, and are sent as messengers, spies, and fighters of the Pack. These are only chosen by the Alpha themselves. The Lead Patrollers are often the Alpha and Beta's aide in battle, their Alpha/Beta being the highest priority. Very limited _

Patrollers - _Usually seen in many areas of the Pack's territory, usually guarding or switching shifts, Patrollers are one of the key protectors in the Pack alongside the Warriors. The Patrollers are often sent first in a group of three or four to investigate an a certain area in the Pack, or to even send a message to other Packs (by the consent of the Lead Patrollers). The Patrollers are often placed to settle disputes and arguments between Loners and The Packs, with the accompany of The Omegas sometimes (see: Omegas). Unlimited

Storytellers - Elders of The Pack, usually around the higher years of age before they eventually die of old age or disease. The Storytellers are filled with wisdom and knowledge of The Packs for more than four generations ago (at times), and are the most respected wolves in The Pack. The Alpha sometimes go to them for stories about how their ancestors used to rule The Pack, so the Alpha can have more wisdom for their choices (see: Alphas. The Storytellers are in a very weak state, though, some of them being blind, deaf, having many scars (even severed limbs at times), and would prefer to be left alone by younger members of The Pack. Limited to the older wolves.

Pup Caregivers - Mostly parents (usually females that provide milk for the pups) that raise the pups before they are sent to train. The Pup Caregivers usually go to this rank to adopt, or because they feel as if the pups need a be raised correctly. Pup Caregivers are usually in a small group within Camp, usually seen with pups that're five months old or younger. Limited to how many mothers there are. Though any wolf is allowed to have a pup.

Spellcasters - The wolves who are best at magic in the packs. They often have the patience to learn and have strong magical abilites. Tina does have some great abilites even enough for spell caster but she has no patiences, These are unlimited, but they must be chosen and approved by the alpha.

Gamma/Zora Pup - Before they turn two, the Gamma/Zora pups will be trained to become the Gamma/Zora, and eventually the Alpha of The Pack. The Gamma and Zora pups don't have any authority over others when they're young, though. I will not choose this for a while so do not ask for this rank. VERY limited

Omega - Lowest rank in The Pack. Wolves without conditions, new wolves to The Pack, or wolves that the Alpha/Beta doesn't trust are usually put into this rank and they move from there. This rank is rare to get though The Omegas don't really have a job in The Pack, they do get respect for small jobs they might do and are treated like any other pack member would be. These are unlimited

Gnaw Wolf - These wolves are seen as weak to many Pack members. Gnaw Wolves are wolves that can't benefit the Pack, due to them having a certain condition, such as blindness, deafness, inability to focus, inability to speak, whatever the case may be. These wolves are often taken care of by the Deltas and Medicine wolves (see: Deltas and Medicine wolves) in hopes of "healing" them. Gnaw Wolves are sometimes picked on by other Pack members, sometimes even being attacked in the process, however many are willing to help Gnaw Wolves get rehabilitated. These may be unlimited

Credit to +Nicolas . I am sorry I had you confused for someone else but here is the crediting.

I Hope you have found your ranking and good luck in your new pack.

Oh also one more thing!

Loners - Wolves who do not have a pack and have been on their own. They live, eat, and hunt on their own and usually live a shorter lifespan. These are unlimited but keep in mind the things with being a loner.



The great Pawnee! +Dragonpup The Warrior





Lead Warrior Female

Lead Warrior Male


Medicine Wolves.

Lead Hunter Female

Lead Hunter Male


Lead Patroller Female

Lead Patroller Male



Pup Caregivers

Gamma Pup

Zora Pup.




You MAY have powers but PLEASE follow the power RULES.
Loners/Rouges may have 2 powers. One stronger and one weaker power.
Smaller ranks in packs have 3 powers. One stronger two weaker.
Higher ranks may have 4 powers. 2 stronger and 2 weaker. DO NOT CHOOSE A HIGHER RANK IN THE PACK FOR MORE POWERS
No acting like a moderator or an owner if you are not one. I MEAN IT. Us mods are there for when you need help, so if there is a problem PLEASE tag us and do not act like a moderator.
You may curse and it is allowed for EVERYONE here to do so. So if you are in this roleplay get ready for a bit of MINOR cursing.
No questioning these rules like "Why do the wolves have powers?" They do because this is fictional and you cannot fight that.

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