When do we roleplay?

When do we roleplay


Name: the anime club

Info: all weeaboos and otakus unite! here we can hang out and watch anime!

Requirements: has to love anime and has to have finished one anime atleast once.

Name : Candi
Age : sixteen
Gender : Female
Sexuality : bisexual
Likes : Anime,Games,Youtube
Dislikes : Books,edgy/mary sue people/OCs
Class : A-B
Appearence: black hair with red hair tie and grey eyes.
usually seen in a red shirt and black skirt that reaches down to her knees and white socks with black flats and a red bow on them.
Bio: her dad died when she was 8 but she keeps it silent.she doesn't trust people that much but when she does become friends she is very clingy.
personality: shy,quiet,happy.

Club: video game

If you like video games then come join this club. There is a variety of games waiting for you. You can also learn to make video games. The computers also have coding apps.

Requirements: Need to know math and must like video games 
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