#GK #Quiz
 Where is Raisina Hill?
(a) Where Rashtrapati Bhavan is situated
(b) The Hill feature in Srinagar, otherwise known as Shankaracharya Hill
(c) The place where the Dogra rulers of Jammu and Kashmir built their fort in Jammu
(d) The Rock Feature at Kanyakumari where Swami Vivekanand’s statue was erected

#English #Quiz
I am able (1) / to cope up with (2) / all these difficulties. (3) / No error(4)

#Daily #Current #Affairs
Hollywood actress Diana Douglas died
Hollywood actress Diana Douglas died on 3 July 2015 at the Motion Picture Hospital in Woodland Hills after battling with cancer. She was 92. She is survived by sons Michael and Joel and three grandchildren. Douglas was best known for her work in television in late 1940s when she appeared in live dramas. She went on to take roles in television series such as Naked City, The Waltons, Ben Casey, The Streets of San Francisco and The Paper Chase. Her last appearance was on a 2004 episode of The West Wing in which she had a long, biting monologue as the widow of an ex-president.

Champagne vineyards of France granted with World Heritage status by                 UNESCO
The Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars of France were on 5 July 2015 granted with the World Heritage Status by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The decision to grant the status was given during the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Bonn, Germany. The Committee was chaired by Maria Bohmer, Minister of State at Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. The Champagne World Heritage status covered the places where sparkling wine was developed using a second fermentation method in the bottle from the beginning of the 17th century until its early industrialisation in the 19th century.

World Bank released revised classification of world’s economies based on                Gross National Income
The World Bank released the annual revised classification of the world's economies based on estimates of gross national income (GNI) per capita for 2014. The GNI calculations are based on World Bank Atlas method. The revision in the classification was done on the basis of the 2015 edition of World Development Indicators (WDI) report released on 15 April 2015 by the bank. While, in 1994, 56.1 percent of the world’s population or 3.1 billion people lived in the 64 low-income countries, in 2014, this was down to 8.5 percent or 613 million people, living in 31 countries.

#GK #Quiz
Who was the founder of Saka Era?
1) Kanishka
2) Chandragupta Maurya 
3) Samudragupta
4) Chandragupta Vikramaditya

#English #Quiz
It has become a fashion to talk about exercise restraint on anything and everything.
(1) restraining exercises
(2) exercising without restrain
(3) exercise without restrain
(4) No improvement

#Solve #Puzzle
A and B together can complete a task in 4 days. B and C together can complete the same task in 6 days. A and C together can complete the same task in 8 days. What is the respective ratio of the number of days taken by A when completing the same task alone to the number of days taken by C when completing the same task alone?
(a) 5 : 3                                 
(b) 5 : 1                               
(c) 3 : 5                                 
(d) 1 : 5               

#GK #Quiz
Where are the Headquarters of Indian Space Research Organisation located?

#English #Quiz
To be all at sea
(A) a family Voyage
(B) lost and confused 
(C) in the middle of ocean
(D) A string of island

#Solve #Puzzle
 Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 36 min. and 45 min. respectively. A water pipe C can empty the tank in 30 min. First A and B are opened. After 7 min, C is also opened. In how much time, the tank is full?
(1) 39 min                          
(2) 40 min
(3) 42 min                          
(4) 38 min

#English #Quiz
The sky is overcast, we ______ the storm will soon burst.
(1) expect             
(2) hope
(3) trust                 
(4) suspect

#GK #Quiz
The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are
A. latitudes
B. longitudes
C. geographic grids
D. None of the above

#Solve #Puzzle
A builder decided to build a house in 50 days. He employed 150 men at the beginning and another 80 men after 20 days and completed the work in the stipulated time. If he had not employed the additional men, how many days behind schedule would it have been finished?
(1) 10 days   
(2) 12 days
(3) 15 days   
(4) 16 days
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