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Please report bugs at instead of here with relevant details under the correct project. Please include hardware information for hardware specific bugs. Google Plus is not a bug tracker.

Please don't mention + Daniel Fore or + Cassidy James (See below)

elementary OS' Stack Exchange might be a better place to get help if posting here doesn't get any response:

I know all of you want to get your problems fixed and questions answered, but it's not a good idea to tag the developers.There are several reasons:

1. These guys are super busy.
2. These guys hang out here all the time and probably will see your post, tagging people kind of pleads for extra attention. It's kind of rude.
3. Chances are these guys actually don't know the answer to your problem. Just because Dan's the founder doesn't mean he's also able to debug kernels.

Upgrading between releases is currently not possible:

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My hackfest vlog is out! See what shenanigans we got into between coding sessions.

How to do a proper file search on the whole system (all discs)?

Apple TV4 Screensavers for Loki (really beautiful)

Well... Here is the original github article: But i post here the fastest way with some additional tips.
1) Run the following commands: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests", then "sudo apt update && sudo apt install xscreensaver mpv".
2) Download this file ( in a folder called "screensavers" in your /home/YOURUSER folder. And then, right click and set 777 permissions.
3) Add xscreensaver daemon to your autostart. Open "Preferences", then select applications and then autostart and add (as a command): sh -c "sleep 10 && xscreensaver -no-splash &".
4) Download this other file ( and rename it from "xscreensaver" to ".xscreensaver" (note the initial point) in your /home/YOURUSER folder.
5) In a terminal run "crontab -e" and select the option for use "nano". And in the last line paste this: "03 00 * * * /home/YOURUSER/screensavers/ /home/YOURUSER/screensavers" changing "YOURUSER" for your username. Then press control x, and select "y". This will check for new screensavers every day at 3:00 PM.
6) Finally open "Xscreensaver" from your launcher and select "Only One Screen Saver", in the list "Apple Aerial" and set "Blank after 10 min", "Cycle after 0 min" and disable the lock screen item and put a 0 here.
7) And... the last step! for the initial download of the videos you can run in a terminal "cd /home/YOURUSER/screensavers", then "./ /home/YOURUSER/screensavers". In my "screensavers" folder i have 12.7gb of amazing screensavers. And every day at 3:00 PM the script chek the Apple servers for new screensavers.
8) Thats all! Remember, im not the author. I only post here the "most friendly way" and really the AT4 screensavers fits perfect with elementary.

Additional info: If you want inhibit the screensavers use caffeine. But the "Paulius Vitkus" version because other versions of caffeine dont inhibit xscreensaver. Run "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:behda/ppa", then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install caffeine". Then add caffeine to the autostart, open "Preferences", then select applications and then autostart and add (as a command): "/usr/bin/caffeine". After a reboot or logout you will see the caffeine icon in your wingpanel.

Getting Opera browser open maximized in Loki

Well... If you use Opera in all your systems like me (Mac - iOS - elementary), you can install Opera but the app never start maximized. NEVER!
The fix: install gdevilspie! Open the program and create a new rule called "Opera". In "Matching" select "window_class" and type "Opera" in "match(es)" section. And finally in "Actions" you need select "maximize", "maximize_vertically", "maximize_horizontally", "minimize".
Trust me, that is the only way... I try more than 100 different configurations and only works at this way.
Thats all! Have a nice day ;)

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Simple, but, very comfortable.

Hey, guys.
I just install elementary OS loki.When my system language is English, I can't type in Chinese by the ibus-rime. After I set my system language to Chinese, the ibus-rime works well. And then I set my system language back to English, it can't work again.
Can I ask for some solution to this?

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Automatic Suspend When Idle Doesn't Work (Sleep When Inactive After ..)

I have the same problem on 3 differents PC:

Is there an official solution to this problem?


Hi Guys,
I am still on Freya because of several reasons such as lack of spare time or not being heavy private laptop user in recent week/moths therefore I am wondering if now is the right time to make an upgrade without facing baby age issues and problems?
Could you advise me and say what eventually could still be problematic?
Thanks a bunch

Hello guys!

I'm dual booting Windows 10 and elementaryOS on my laptop. My music collection is on an NTFS drive. Whenever I reboot into elemenatryOS after importing my music on the default music player (Noise), it won't play the music. It just shows an orange exclamatory mark beside the title of every song. The only way to get it working again is to import all the music again.

Is there any workaround to this?

Thank you.
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