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Please report bugs at instead of here with relevant details under the correct project.

Please include hardware information for hardware specific bugs. Google Plus is not a bug tracker.

Please don't mention + Daniel Fore or + Cassidy James (See below)

elementary OS' Stack Exchange might be a better place to get help if posting here doesn't get any response:

I know all of you want to get your problems fixed and questions answered, but it's not a good idea to tag the developers.There are several reasons:

1. These guys are super busy.
2. These guys hang out here all the time and probably will see your post, tagging people kind of pleads for extra attention. It's kind of rude.
3. Chances are these guys actually don't know the answer to your problem. Just because Dan's the founder doesn't mean he's also able to debug kernels.

Upgrading between releases is currently not possible:
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Hi. I have recently heard that app indicator support has been ditched from Juno and it's evident in the Juno beta build too. Since I don't have a full knowledge about the issue, there are somethings I would like to ask just to be clear.

a) Why was indicator support cut off for third party apps? What are the problems of having them, also that system indicators are still there.

b) Is there an alternative being developed? If so what is it and how should the new generation of curated apps integrate with that API?

c) How should we be able to use non-curated apps that mostly rely on such indicators? The basic idea being apps running in the background and using indicators to control them, apps like discord, variance, etc. (For example apps like Discord can be "minimized" to the indicator. Its windows is unmapped but the app runs in the background and can be reopened from the indicator with ease.)

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I wish an improvement in how calendar invitation mails are being displayed. Who else? (:

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Hello everyone!

I'm a developer of Monitor app and as you can see development stopped 6 months ago. That's because of my studies and work.

However, I managed to develop native Wingpanel indicator, which shows usage of CPU and RAM. But I decided to not make release until I'll fix some bugs that I think are critical. However (2) I did not make it, lack of Vala wisdom and work+studies happened. ↓  ↓  ↓
If there is anyone who wants to help me (PR (would be awesome) or any comments how to make code better), here are bugs:

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Hotcorners in elementary OS Juno

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Good morning, it is time for another shout out to the designers/coders/testers in elementaryOS. Thank you! It is a solid stable distro, that I have been using as my only OS on multiple machines for a while now. It has replaced osx for good now. I had it as a dev server first, but now all my life, pictures, documents etc all sit on elementaryOS with backups similar to timemachine. Thanks! You have my advocacy and financial support.

Easy to donate:

Hola compañer@s. Alguien me podria indicar link, blog o lugar donde se encuentre documentación para instalar en mi elementary una vpn meraki que usa protocolo L2TP/IPSec PSK o por lo menos como instalar este protocolo que no aparece en el sistema operativo.

Quedo atento; muchas gracias

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Hi guys, I hope you can help me. I'm making an application for wallpapers and I can not find how to change the background in pantheon greeter.
Is there a way (such as a schema or file at home level) to change the Pantheon greeter wallpaper from vala?

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Felt like making some eOS backgrounds, kind of remakes of the official wallpaper with the grid lines, but I did cut-out shadow with the logo. I feel like I use the cutout shadow on everything, but idc I think it looks right. Lemme know what you think, feel free to use. I'll make changes on request, it's in 1920x1080, lemme know if you want another resolution.
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Just installed Juno beta. Thanks Daniel and team . Runs sweet and smooth on Lenovo T500 . No bugs that I can see . Great job guys !
One question....any chance of making gsconnect work on Juno ?
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