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Social Media Marketing Proposal

Other Services :
Twitter followers (Enter Username only)
1000 followers = 250 INR
Linkedin Followers
1000 Followers = 10000 INR
1000 Followers = 4000 INR
Pinterest Followers
1000 Followers = 3500 INR
Ethios Web Promoters will provide services once we get advance regarding that particular social media promotion service.
Please read the rules below before placing orders,
1. Do not place several orders for the same link at the same time, wait for the first order to finish before placing the next.
2. Once an order is entered, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop it 99% of the time, so please avoid opening tickets requesting this. If the post or profile is deleted or changed to private a refund cannot not be given.

Processing times:
Facebook Page Likes - 0-24 hours start time(Gambling/Adult pages are not accepted)
Facebook Post/Picture Likes - Instant
Facebook Followers - 0-24 hours start time
Instagram Likes/Followers/Comments/Views - Instant
Instagram Comments - 0-12 hours start time
Twitter Followers/Retweets/Favorites - Instant
YouTube Views - Instant(Youtube counters update every few hours)
YouTube Likes/Subscribers - 0-24 hours start time
Google+ - 0-72 hours
LinkedIn - 0-72 hours
Pinterest Followers/Likes – Instant

Any query regarding any smo service will be addressed in this contact Number +917709763852.
Assistance will be provided through call, sms, whatsapp, email, skype.
With Regards,
Ethios Team
Ethios Web Promoters Pvt Ltd, Pune.
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