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I walk through the streets shivering. I slip into the Starbucks and grab a coffee when....

Name: Michael
Job: Undercover cop
Reason: I excel in Sneaking, lying, and all types of combat, mainly hand to hand and assasinations

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Name: Kaili
Age: 13
Job: Rookie Undercover Cop because my dad is one but I still go to school.
Appearance: Like the pics -->

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Name: Kaili
Job: Undercover Cop
Reason: I'm good at lying and stealth. I'm also good at shooting and hand-to-hand combat

We need a City Name! What shall it be?

This is MLK High School, Home of the Wolves
Motto: The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf; The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack
Colors: Navy, Scarlet, Silver
Anthem: All Glory laud and honor
We lovingly give to thee
Pledging to our Alma Mater
Our Loyalty
Lifting our colors skyward
The silver, scarlet and blue
We proudly stand and cheer the Wolves
of King High School

Name: Damian
Reason: expert with guns and hand to hand combat


What Job?:
Why should I pick you?:

(+Damian Yoffie Please do this to be swat.)

Name: Bella
Age: 16
School. Cheer
Appearance: Blonde hair down to my waist, perfect figure, sparkling blue eyes, tan skin, heels and a dress. 
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