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Aug 06,2017 11:19 PM

★ Spiritual World ( After Life)

✔ Hell

Hell is, simply put, the part of creation that is farthest away from the Lord. If we visualize heaven as being in the form of a human being as described above, hell would be the area beneath that being’s feet.

The popular image of hell is a place of fiery torment, a pit into which God casts sinners as punishment for their crimes. The picture that Swedenborg paints is very different.

Firstly, he says, God does not judge anyone or condemn them to hell in order to punish them. Rather, it is human beings themselves who choose hell by consistently choosing to act selfishly or cruelly toward others. In other words, no one is ever sent to hell for a single act—but embracing an evil action, justifying it rather than repenting and seeking forgiveness, is the first step on the road to hell.

In Swedenborg’s experience there is no one Devil or Satan who is the counterpart to God, but he refers to the inhabitants of hell as “devils” or “satans,” and they can play the same role, tempting human beings on earth to do wrong (just as angels can try to influence them to do right). Nor is it God or the angels who torment people in hell, but people in hell who torture each other, lying and manipulating and inflicting pain on others in an attempt to dominate them and gain power.

Like the angels in heaven, all devils were once human beings; there are no beings in either heaven or hell who were not once living on earth. To angels, the inhabitants of hell are twisted and misshapen and live in buildings that are ugly, filthy, and have a horrible stench. However, to the inhabitants of hell their surroundings seem pleasant, and to each other they can even be attractive. Devils, therefore, prefer hell to heaven, and would not choose to live anywhere else even if they were given the option. They find heaven repulsive, and cannot stand its light for even a few moments. They perceive heavenly teachings as sickly sweet and may dismiss good people as being too idealistic or impractical.

Hell has different regions and levels just as heaven does, and Swedenborg will often refer to “the hells” in the plural. The deepest hells are also the darkest and coldest (since the Lord is the source of light and heat in the spiritual world). The only light and warmth in hell arises from the fires of malice that emanate from its inhabitants. Those who live in the deepest hells are the ones who embrace evil on the innermost levels of their being, who love themselves more than anything else, and who find great delight in inflicting pain on others.

★ Aug 07,2017 » 2:00 AM

Tonight is the night to make Moon Water! I will give my description of this again...
Fill a glass with water. If you have crystals of either clear/pink quartz, moonstone, carnelian add them too. If you are wanting the moon water to help you release something/someone, use black tourmaline, smoky quartz or obsidian. Place the glass on a windowsill the moon shines on. Focus on the Moon and draw down Her energy closer and closer to you. Feel the energy and Her rays beaming down on you and the water. Ask Her for her Divine energy to bless this water with (your intentions. Either love, peace, healing or releasing). See the silver light pouring into the water. You should feel like you are vibrating and hands and feet can tingle and get warm. When you are finished, offer thanks to Her. Allow the water to sit over night. Every morning take a few sips of your moon water and focus on your intentions. This is a very simple but very powerful way to use the Moons energy to help manifest what you need

Aug 06,2017 11:11 PM

★The Spiritual World ( After Life)

✔ Heaven

Swedenborg tells us that heaven has three levels: the heavenly or celestial, the spiritual, and the natural. In keeping with the oddity of space and time in the spiritual world, he will interchangeably describe these three levels as progressing either upward or inward.

It’s common to visualize heaven as being far above us and hell as being far below us. Because it is difficult to think apart from time and space, Swedenborg also speaks in those terms. He teaches that we are surrounded by the world of spirits, with heaven above us and hell below us; those in the “highest” heaven are “closest” to the Lord, while those in the “lowest” hell are described as being farthest away. These spatial terms are useful when we consider that in common speech we say things like, “I feel very close to my cousin, even though she lives very far away.” We know that we are speaking about spiritual affinity, not geographical proximity.

At the top of everything, at the highest point, is the Lord, whom Swedenborg describes as a living sun radiating divine good and truth throughout creation.

Swedenborg, however, does not limit himself to this top-down paradigm. He also describes heaven as being human in form, with individual communities corresponding to the function of the organs in our body. (For more on this, see the page on the Universal Human.) In this view, the Lord is the center of the body, not in the literal sense of being part of its anatomy, but in the more spiritual sense of being at the “core” of the being, sustaining it just as we are sustained by our souls.

Heaven, then, is not so much a place as a collective entity made up of good people who perform an important use, much as we ourselves are made up of individual cells and atoms that are essential to the full functioning of our body. The animating force of heaven, as well as of living creatures on earth, is God’s love and wisdom. God, for Swedenborg, is not a remote being who created the universe and then retired to heaven; on the contrary, God is the very essence of life, love, and wisdom itself, the source and sustenance of all that exists. In brief, God is closer to us than the beating of our heart and the breath of our nostrils. But we only experience this closeness to the extent that we align ourselves with God’s will. This is what opens us to the influx of God’s love and wisdom—also called heaven.

While Swedenborg describes heaven as being a place of inexpressible joy and peace, he also warns that people who are not ready to experience a certain level of heaven will feel uncomfortable, even sick, and will be forced to retreat back down to lower levels until they have been properly prepared. This is even truer of spirits who are bound for hell.

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The spiritual World (After Life)★ Part 2

✔ The Process of Crossing Over

In his book Heaven and Hell, Swedenborg says that he was allowed to experience the process of dying and being awakened in the spiritual world so that he could tell people on earth what it was like. He describes how angels sat beside him, unseen by most because angels are in the spiritual world. These angels stayed with him throughout the entire transition, surrounding him with loving thoughts. He experienced the transition from a physical existence to a spiritual one as though his eyes were being opened for the first time. He was then able to see into the spiritual world. (Click here to read the entire passage in Swedenborg’s own words.)

Swedenborg says that once awakened to spiritual realities, a person might experience a number of different things, depending on what type of life he or she has led. Most people start in the world of spirits.

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