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Welcome to the Last Redoubt Games Google+ page. I'm hoping to make this page a landing point for anyone interested in the various gaming projects I have in the works. Expect to find plenty of work-in-progress game documents available here for download.

One of my reasons for getting more involved in game design is that I've become increasingly drawn to "streamlined" games in recent years. While I love richly detailed settings and games that give you an abundance of rules mechanics, I find myself less and less willing to spend time learning how to run these games. I've always been the type of GM who plays very fast and loose with rules anyway.

Reading Chris McDowall's "Into the Odd" was a revelation for me. It's an incredibly simple game with a wide range of possibilities that allows the GM and players to fill in the empty spaces. John Harper's "Ghost/Echo" was even simpler, compressing everything you needed to run a game into two pages.

I wanted more games like these, games that I could read through in less than 15 minutes and run later that night. That's what I'm trying to accomplish with "Hounds of the Tsar". Maybe someday I'll try to do a more complex game with detailed setting information and rules mechanics that take up a couple hundred pages, but for right now, I'm focusing on simplicity and ease of play.

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Thanks for the invite, Ben! For those in the group interested, I have an RPG manual that goes with any game system. You can get it FREE here:

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Hounds of the Tsar (playtest version 0.2)

This is the first publicly released version of the Hounds of the Tsar roleplaying game. Here's a brief overview of what the game's all about:

"Characters form a group of Oprichniks, the dreaded secret police of Tsar Ivan IV. Venturing across 16th century Muscovy at the height of the Livonian War (1565-1572), the Oprichniks impose the Tsar’s law upon scheming boyars and rebellious commoners alike. Although Muscovy is beset by famine, disease, and treason, the Oprichniks are also tasked with combating the supernatural threats lurking in the shadows of the old country. Vengeful spirits stalk the forests, blasphemous sorcerers revive dark arts long forgotten, and terrible monsters prey upon the weak and unwary. The characters are unique individuals who have encountered the supernatural and survived, making them ideal candidates for this special branch of the Tsar’s police force. While the characters are principally responsible for investigating supernatural threats, they also have the full authority as Oprichniks to met out the Tsar’s justice to traitors, heretics, and criminals."

You can view an download a copy here.
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