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It's a day of celebration. SurveyMini for Android 1.0 has been released to the Play Store! Thanks so much for all of your feedback over these few weeks. Stay tuned for information about your "thank you gift". 

Release Candidate 2 has been pushed to all Beta Testers: 
5/9/2014: Release Candidate #2 (13203)
Resolved crash issue for legacy devices interacting with the Other Description text box
Resolved crash issue with the Terms & Conditions content for smaller screen devices
Prevents the Redeem Offer dialog box from appearing twice when inadvertently performing a double tap action
UI tweak to reward/offer screen (font color changes)
Updated Terms & Conditions dates

Hello Beta Testers! We're getting so close to releasing SurveyMini for Android. We have our final list of bugs to resolve (and it's a very short list). Expect Release Candidate #2 to be sent to your devices tomorrow (5/9/14). 

For RC1 (Build 13119) on the Rewards screen when purchasing an offer, double-tapping the Purchase Offer button results in two "Are you sure you want to redeem?" prompts.

Note, I tapped No to the first and Yes to the second, so I don't know if tapping Yes to both will result in two purchases.

We're getting closer to launching SurveyMini for Android. Release Candidate build #1 was released yesterday. Details below: 

5/6/2014: Release Candidate #1 (Build 13119)
Resolved crash issue for devices running Android 4.0.4 and earlier.
Changes to support device sleep.
Changed the order of the survey list to be date descending.
Changed the survey row format.

My phone said I had a survey - however, it will not come up.  Any suggestions?

Can we test out the Rewards screen, or will the Purchase Offer button submit a live redemption?

Just installed build 12 from 5/1.  When launching the app, I get the splash screen for about 5 seconds before it then exits without any error message.

I have an HTC Evo Design 4G, model PH44100, if that helps.

This build contains a fix for a critical bug found earlier today.

The new build (Beta Build #12, and for anyone counting 11 wasn't released due to getting this bug fix in before another update round) has  just been released and should be available the evening of 5/1/14. This build contains screen layout corrections for buttons and textboxes that were not accessible on certain phones, some updated images to add some more clarity, as well replaced the pull down to refresh for a newer look to Android apps.

As always, thanks for your feedback and please post any feedback you have here. 

No Surveys Found keeps trying to refresh.
Today I installed the new build by shutting down my phone and turning back on to initiate an update.  The update appeared to finish properly.
I opened the application, pulled down the No Surveys Found screen and it returned with nothing after a few seconds.  I went through each menu option, then back to the Surveys screen.  I clicked the phone Back button.  After I short time I opened Survey Mini again, and pulled down to refresh the surveys screen.  It kept trying until I gave up on it after 1 minute 30 seconds, by clicking the phone Back button.  I retried a couple of minutes later and it did the same thing (which was when I timed it).  The GPS has been on the entire time.
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