Anyone wanna RP? Bored and need something to do

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Me in Real Life

Name:Jose R.


Favorite Weapon:Metal Pistol

Stromtrooper ID:FN 2000

Biography:At the First time he see the Stromtrooper attacks,he decide to join the Imperials.

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Anyone up for a roleplay? 

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"Sirens are beautiful but deadly, and I'm no exception."
Name: Captain Phasma
Alias: Cora Phasma, Belle, the Siren of the First Order, Diva, Queen Bitch, the Lady in Chrome, Blonde Bombshell, Mother Duck, Primadonna
Age: 32
Rank: captain
Faction: The First Order
Weapons: F-11D rifle, fists, voice
Force Sensitivity: (Must be a realistic amount) None
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Home-world: unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: A lady never tells
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Likes: singing, General Hux, being spoiled, ruling over her troops
Loathes: traitors, laryngitis, being told she isn't good enough just because she's a lady
Guilty pleasures: Cosmopolitan martinis (Cosmos), expensive chocolate
Biggest fear: failure
Personality: seductive, melodic, aggressive, alluring, delusional if you get on her bad side, ladylike, ruthless
Captain Phasma is the mysterious yet alluring commander of the First Order's troops. An aspiring operatic soprano, she joined the First Order when her parents died at the hands of the New Republic. Upon becoming a captain, she is committed to her troops just as she was committed to her voice lessons and performances. Because of her beautiful singing voice, Phasma is known as the Siren of the First Order, and she definitely plays the part. Using a technique she patented called the Siren Call, she has taken many prisoners. She sings a hauntingly beautiful melody that lures people to her location. When they are in sight, she destroys them. Phasma has also made history by being the first lady to command an army of stormtroopers, which she rules over with an iron fist. 
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NAME: Ahsoka Tano, or Fulcrum

AGE: unknown

ALLIANCE: The first Rebels

WEAPONS: Two blue bladed sabers

GENDER: Female

NICKNAMES: Snips, Fulcrum

HEIGHT: 5'7"

Hello everyone. Once again, I will introduce myself to everyone as Fulcrum, once known as Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. I was born on Togruta. After leaving the Jedi council, I joined up with a little resistance. I helped the First Rebels through their fight with the evil empire.

I was once Anakin Skywalker's Padawan but we both have changed..... I can sense it....



Just a reminder guys if you haven't made a profile template for your character please do that so we can start roleplaying....thanks 

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"Throw me into the wolves, and I'll come back leading the pack."

CT-7247 "November" (Alpha-72)


Kaminoan Clone




[Eye Color]:


Advanced Recon Commando

WESTAR-M5, DC-15 Rifle

[Skills and Abilities]:
Flexible, Knows a Tiny Bit of The Force

Cool person, Easily gets mad but when he isn't mad he is usually kind to other people, When a battle happens he expects his team to perform with %110 effort, he is also an extremely secretive person.

Born on the Coruscant, his name was originally Venom. He joined the ARC at 18 years old and quickly became a Lieutenant. He's an expert in close combat and Martial arts, and can perfectly handle his weapons. He was first involved in the separatist invasion of Tipoca City, followed by Geonosis. He is a secretive person, leading many people to not know much about him.

+Poe Dameron

Phasma and the first order troopers were preparing to head out down onto Jakku, where they had just located the crashed TIE fighter. They load the troops into the transports,then we head to jakku 

Hey anyone wanna RP? 

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AGE: 18




HAIR COLOR: Blonde/White mix

FACTION: The First Order

RANK: Stormtrooper Corporal

DIVISION: The FN Corps under the command of Captain Phasma

BIO: Taken from his family at a young age like the rest of the First Order, Fivo was raised with others by The First Order. When he passed the First Order Cadet Academy, he was assigned as a Stormtrooper into the FN Corps led by Captain Phasma.
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