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More from Common Sense Media.
A few of these are personal favourites.
I was surprised by some of the titles (e.g., Sense and Sensibility... I don't know how many times we have watched it!)

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My grandaughter loves book series.  This list is by age and I thought the reviews quite good.

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Today is the last day for Social Media Goes to School..  Come join the conversations and have access to the archive after the course ends

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Parents play an important role in helping children learnhow to use social media in positive ways. "Social Media Goes to School eWorkshop" (until May 13) focuses on different aspects of this important role. Join to explore:

~ Role of Parents: Leading by Example
 ~ Role of Parents: Boundaries
 ~ Role of Parents: Read the Terms of Use
~ Role of Parents: Digital Citizenship
~ Role of Parents: Communication Between School and Home

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Teachers of teens and young adults with ADHD: Are you looking for apps to help learners tackle complex concepts? Try these 12. Most work on both iPads and Android.

Distance education has been available to k-12 students for over 100 years and though distance education technologies have changed over the years, some of the original technologies are still being used.

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Starting tomorrow, Feb 27 to March 4, 2015, join Christopher Rozitis in a free eWorkshop on "Engaging Parents of Online Learners"

With so many online options for enhancing learning to taking full course and programs, this eWorkshop explores tips, tools and training to increase parents' and families' engagement in their child's learning.
#edtechopen #edtechbc  

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Here are a few Qs that will be discussed at the "Informing Parents of Online Learners" FREE five day eWorkshop (starting Feb 27) 

How to get the teacher to know my child?
How do I help my child with time management?
Do online schools have their own report cards?
How are science labs completed in an online class?

What other Qs would you like answered?

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Join us of a free online course "Informing Parents of Online Learners" by Christopher Rozitis through Edtechopen  Feb 27-Mar 4, 2015

Learn how to be more engaged in your child's digital education!

Register at


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de la Verra et al. (2014) identified five reasons high school students dropout of an online class.

To find out what the five reasons are -- sign up for "Engaging parents of online learners" at

The five day course starts Feb 27. 
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