Contemplate is exactly what we want our readers to do. It is all about What to consider, think, reflect, study, mull over, weigh up, including to ponder. Contemplate is about Surviving in a World Economy where good-paying full-time Jobs are scarce to find for all Levels. Holding multiple Part-Time Jobs to Survive only Succumbs one to further weakness and decay of their Morals. Contemplate is also about the What If's and Beyond the Unknown. There has to be a Realization that Sometimes we just have to Reach into the Darkness and Grab onto and Hold the Mysterious Phenomenon. If you are Afraid, you will never Seek Opportunity. Contemplate is about taking Ownership and making Positive Impacts for All to see and feel. The ongoing Cycle of Learning, Adapting within and outside of the work Environment. 

Contemplate Positives was part of the Formula used by Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford. It goes on with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer and a Cast of many more. What would our World be like Without the Contemplating of the Above-Mentioned People?

You Are Not Contemplating When:

I Know Everything About My Job and What I Am Doing.

I Should Not Have To Work. I Should Be Retired.

It Is All About Me Of What I Want.

I Am Not Doing That, It Is Not My Job.

It Has Always Been Done This Way.

This Is The Way I Want It Done Only.

I Am The Boss Do Not Forget It.

I Am A Yes Only Person To My Superiors.

I Need A Paycheck, So I Go Against My Own Morals and Better Judgments.

I Make My Own Life Miserable.

I Do Not Care About Other People.

It Does Not Matter As Long As I Get What I Want.

It Is Not My Money, Why Should I Care?

The Company Does Not Pay Me What I Am Worth.

My Job Is Inconvenient For Me.

Virtually, my whole Life and career have been telling People "Get to the point while I am still breathing." This is Exactly what I have done with my Book Straight to the Point that one can Reference it along the same Lines from the Bible and its Verses. It becomes a Real-Life Portrayal of everyday Business, including the working-class People. Each and Everyone of us has Pieces of Puzzles and Links Missing within Ourselves. There is Not one Person in the World that Likes to be Told, "How to Improve Oneself Professionally and Personally." You will need to Define it for Yourself of how it Applies to you if you Really want to Adapt and Succeed. It is Not a Feel-Good Story, but a Reality Check that Only You can Determine how it Ends. Obviously, the Choice is Yours.

These are Excerpts of Contemplate. Which is just a Small Part of it from the Conferences and Workshops "Coloring Outside of the Lines."
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