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Die Funktionsweise des innovativen Aquapol-Systems beruht auf der Theorie der Nullpunktenergie. Damit bietet die Firma Aquapol eine umweltfreundliche, alternative und langzeitbewährte Methode zur Trockenlegung von Gebäuden.

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Time for #LENR to be declassified.

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From: Ted Steele
Sent: May 8, 2017 18:33
To: jpbiberian
Cc: William E. Smith
Subject: Re: Questions on the mechanism of "Biological Transmutation"

Dear Jean-Paul:

Thank you for getting back to me. I have tried to read Vladimir Vysotskii but I find him very difficult to follow, complicated also by the fact that I am not a professional physicist and do need to refresh my self with basic physical and quantum chemistry concepts (from my university days).

But the whole topic is really fascinating . This what I have said yesterday to Bill Smith:

“ I have read enough of the literature you recommended to convince myself that there is something in it. The key, as with all these things, is a plausible mechanism. It just has to be plausible when dealing with "out of left field” phenomena like this.

My mind is working away on this problem from the perspective of of the Hoyle-Wickramasinghe Cosmic Biology Paradigm.But first I want to be absolutely sure:
A. That the Biological Transmutation phenomena are real.
B. That the examples of non-biological “Cold Fusion” -type phenomena are also real.

I am convinced A. is reproducible (!!!) and B. is real but not strictly
reproducible !!. Between these two extremes I am working on a mechanism - but I am not a physicist. My explanation will come from molecular biology and biochemistry.”

So this is how I am approaching this problem. But from your papers and bill’s emails I understand why I have not come across this before.

Thank you

Ted Steele

Edward J Steele PhD
Honorary Research Fellow
CYO’Connor ERADE Village Foundation Inc.

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Feb 2015 : Status of cold fusion research in Japan

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Why Declassifying and Releasing Zero Point Energy Technology Will Not Cause The Sky To Fall

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

We do not need planet-killing petroleum-based energy to sustain our world.

We DO need the immediate declassification and release of Zero Point Energy technology, so that we can start ramping up our present world to a truly-civilized global society. Ecologically sound. Socially just. Economically sustainable in the long term. Peaceful as only economic sufficiency can ensure peace. And finally fit to walk out and accept our role as the latest world accepted into the federation of cosmic cultures as a truly civilized planet.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, P.O. Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822 USA Phone, voice mail, fax number: (916) 422-7400 E-mail: Website:
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