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Name Homura Akemi
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Magical Girl
Pet None
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Parents Alive/Dead Unknown
Bio Unknown

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Name: Madoka Kaname
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Magical Girl
Pet: Doesn't really have one, but Kyubey follows her around like a pet.
Likes: Happiness, fun, and friends. (oh, and cake!)
Dislikes: Death, despair, and sadness.
State of Parents: Both alive
Bio: Was born as a normal girl in Japan and went to a private school. There she met her best friend, Sayaka,later a transfer student named Homura came and tried to protect her so she wouldn't become a magical girl, because Madoka's past self asked Homura to save her from dying in the past. (Homura time travels) Then, she meets a fellow Magical Girl named Mami and they become friends too. In the end, Madoka ends up becoming a Goddess Magical Girl, because of the wish she made.
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