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Hello Guys!!

I had to give presentation/talk on kotlin for android . Any wonderful ppts and links with good info.


Good day!

I am Marco Valmores from Philippines.
I am currently leading Philippine Android Developer Community.

Id like to seek help because we would like to introduce Kotlin here for Android developer and Id like to know where is a good resource/ resources to read on it.

Lastly, we will be having an Android Summit in the Philippines this coming September 8-10. Id like to ask where to get a speaker to fly here.


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🆕 Learn about Kotlin, a programming language with a lightweight standard library that uses the #Java #API to do everything, by building an application and securing it with #JWT! 🔐🚀


Kotlin rockz :) We successfully moved a spring-boot application and an aws-lambda guice application from java/groovy to kotlin. Is it production ready? Yes ! Looking forward to 1.1 release.

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Is it possible to generate Anko DSL with Android Studio designer by now?

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