Greetings to the Teachers of the Known World,

We are very excited to announce the YouthU and TeenU tracks of Pennsic University this year. We are looking for teachers who are interested in teaching classes to 11-13 year olds or to those gentles who are 14-17. These classes will be taught in the Pennsic University tents. Please make sure to include a 2nd, unrelated adult in your planning and description for all classes. If this is a barrier to your teaching, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. No youth teaching experience or certification is required

Our youth are looking for a variety of classes, with beginning and intermediate arts classes often requested, hands on activities, classes about certain time periods, and practically everything SCAdians are interested in.

If you are willing to teach a class, please contact us and let us know:
Class Name:
Short Description:
Best for Teens/Youth or Both
2-3 Days that are best for you, and morning or afternoon preference.
You may also register directly with PennsicU as explained above and send us an email so that we can look for your class.
We look forward to serving the youth and teens of Pennsic,
Leonete D'Angely
Ardenia ARuadh

There will be a Youth A&S Display at K&Q A&S:

To encourage the young artisans of our kingdom, there will be space set aside for youth to display any A&S projects they are working on. Youth will be able to set up their entries early on in the day, and a half hour window will be set aside for youth to stand by their entries and talk to the populace.

If you, or your child, is intending to display, it is requested, but not at all required, that you e-mail our youth A&S coordinator Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin ( Space will be available for all youth entries, and Lady Aibhilin will be available during the day to act as a guide to youth wishing to display their work.

All youth attending the event will also be given a few tokens which they can leave by their favorite A&S entries as a mark of their favor. These tokens may be picked up from gate, or from the youth A&S coordinator.

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Looking for things to do on this snowy day? How about writing in a deserving person for an award? I have a few awards I'd like to suggest.

Tyger's Cub- Know a child who is super helpful, participates in the SCA, and is a great kid? Write them in for a Tyger's Cub. EK Law states: for children who display admirable virtue and decorum at events.

Order of Gawain- See a child showing great skill or honor on the youth combat field, archery, thrown weapons, fencing, or the equestrian field? (Or any other martial activity I may have missed) Write them in for the Gawain. Given to honor and recognize those young people (up to and including the age of 17) who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor, honor, chivalry, courtesy, and leadership within a youth martial activity.

Award of Gilder- We have seen several stunning examples of youth art recently, and I want to draw attention to this under-utilized award. Award of Gilder - given to children (under the age of 18) of the East who display or perform works of Arts & Sciences that manifest the spirit of the East Kingdom Arts. The token of the award is a coin displaying the initials of the awarding Royalty.

The link for Award Recommentations is here. I suggest contact the parents or household of a child before writing them in. While not official, it is my personal opinion that these awards are geared towards younger children, and teens who are participating in the SCA fully should be considered for the armigerous awards and/or an AoA.

Leonete D'Angely
East Kingdom Chancellor Minor

Greetings to the Families of the East Kingdom,

I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding as the Kingdom Officers worked hard over the past week to protect our volunteers and ensure that our kingdom fully follows all modern laws. The youth of our kingdom are of utmost importance to us, and we want to make sure that they can fully participate in all that our society has to offer. 

After careful consideration with the Society Seneschal, who has consulted the SCA legal team, it has been determined that youth officers who are already SCA background checked residing in Pennsylvania have until July 2016 to complete the new requirements. I will be directing my officers who fall under that description to begin applying for their clearances. This is a good time to remind parents and families, however, that youth officers are not a substitute for parental supervision, and that parents are responsible for their children at all times during SCA events.

Youth Activities will procede as planned for Pennsic and other events in PA. I would like to draw families' attention to four activities at Pennsic in specific:

East Kingdom Teen Party - Sunday, August 3rd, from 7-10pm. All gentles aged 13-17 are invited to EK Royal (located at the corner of the Low Road and Brewers’ Road) to eat our food, hang out, and meet other teens attending Pennsic. 

EK Day at Youth Point - Thursday, August 6th. Lady Fiona and Lady Hugoline will be again running East Kingdom Day at Youth Point . They have a fun day planned that includes Roman Tic Tac Toe, Origami, and Edible Campfires. We hope you will join us!

Families with Special Needs Meet and Greet Thursday August 6, 4pm at Youth Point. Lady Fiona and Lady Hugoline will host a meet and greet for families who participate in the Society with their children with special needs. Families from all over the known world are welcome to attend, and network, share tips, and allow kids to socialize.

East Kingdom Family Campfire and Sing-Along - Thursday, August 6th, 6-8pm in EK Royal. Please join us for smores, kid-friendly songs, and a chance to spend time with other families from the East Kingdom. 

In Service to the East, 

Baroness Leonete D'Angely, East Kingdom Chancellor Minor

Greetings to the Populace of the East, from Leonete D’Angely, East Kingdom Chancellor Minor.  

Throughout the day at Birka, I was pleased to see families of all ages and types enjoying all that the SCA has to offer, from youth combat to shopping as a family, from attending family specific classes or relaxing in the Family Lounge to participating in the dancing and fashion shows.  The youth of the East attended marshal's meetings and taught classes alongside the adults, and ferociously guarded both the Royal Room and Her Majesty Thyra, protecting her from dangers big and small. There was some mention of some very dangerous pineapple candies. This event showed just how much we truly are a family friendly society dedicated to providing a safe and enriching environment for those of all ages. 

Unfortunately, an incident occurred in the hallway outside of court that must be addressed. An adult grabbed a child by the arms, shook him, and yelled at him for being loud and running around while court occurred. This was witnessed by multiple adults, including the closely supervising parents. Unless you are saving the child from imminent harm (such as a child bolting onto a list field,) do not touch a child without permission of the child's parent. If a child is disturbing an event, politely asking them to quiet down, or asking them where their adult is and politely addressing the issue with the adult would be the appropriate actions to take. If that action does not lead to a solution, the next step would be to speak to the event steward, local, or kingdom seneschal for them to intervene.  No one deserves to feel unsafe at an event, no matter what age they are. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other matter involving youths and families in the East, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Baroness Leonete D’Angely
East Kingdom Chancellor Minor

Addendum from the Kingdom Seneschal

People should remember that touching anyone without their consent (except where safety is concerned) is considered Simple Assault in most US jurisdictions even if it does no physical harm. Touching anyone in an inappropriate manner can lead to expulsion from an event and possibly arrest. Touching in an aggressive and intentionally harmful way, such as grabbing or shaking, is contrary to the SCA's goal of a chivalrous and honorable Society and will not be tolerated at events.

Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia
Seneschal, East Kingdom

Birka Youth and Family Schedule
Youth Service Initiative Forms will be available in the family lounge
9:30-5:00: Family Lounge open on the mezzanine.
10:00-4:30: Medieval Games open in the lounge area.
1:30-2:00: Children of the East will be guarding the Royal Room
------------------- Hawthorne------------------
10:00-11:00: Make Your Own Medieval Toys (Ages 4 and up)
11:00-12:00: Intro to Juggling (Ages 8 through adult)
12:00-1:00: Family Meet and Greet and Garb Swap
1:00-1:30: Vikings! (Ages 4-10)
1:30-2:30: All Ages Intro to Embroidery (Any age, must be able to handle yarn needles and scissors)
2:30-3:00: Horses in Medieval Times (Any age)
3:00-4:00: Yarn Dolls (Ages 5 and up)
4:00-5:00: How to design an Equestrian Challenge Course (Any age)

Hi all, 

I am helping to publicize tomorrow’s practice. If you are within a reasonable distance from Milbury, MA, please consider sharing this with your local group and/or bringing your kids. They have 1 or 2 kids from each division planning on attending already, and are hoping to attract more.

Regional Heavy List Practice on Sunday Dec 7 in Millbury will also include Youth Combat.  Rozi is bringing loaner gear. We need all division fighters. We have targetted the 2-4 period of the 1pm-6pm practice. Please reply if you are bringing any young warriors or warrior wanna-be to this practice. (McGrath Educational Center 130 Elm St Millbury MA)


The 12th annual East Kingdom Teen Party will be held in East Kingdom Royal at Pennsic, on Monday, August 4th, from 7pm to 11pm. This party is open to all those between the ages of 13-17, from all kingdoms. Please come join us for an evening of hanging out with friends, meeting other teens, and, as always, eating our food. For more information, or to volunteer to help, please contact Baroness Leonete D'Angely at

Please feel free to cross post this widely.


The East Kingdom sponsored day at Youth Point will be held on Tuesday, August 5th. I will hold office hours at the playground/at youth point, from 9am until 10:30 am. Whether you are a current officer, interested in helping youth activities, a parent with questions, concerns, or suggestions, or a youth interested in helping out other youth, please come introduce yourself and let me know what I can do to help further the integration and enjoyment of youth and families in the East Kingdom.

In Service,
Leonete D'Angely
East Kingdom Chancellor Minor

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There is a Queen of May competition for ages 11 and up.  There are hobby horse races and other lawn games in the afternoon.  
Come one, come all to the Whitsuntide Fest in the Shire of Blak Rose. To honor the month of May, a Queen of May will be chosen. Maidens, come decked out in all your finery. Wear a wreath, wear a green sash. Young maidens and the not so young maidens will be honored for the creativity of their wreaths. 
Our tournament will choose the Prince of May. Contestants, prepare your boasts, challenges, and deaths. Although there will be only one Prince (or Princess) others will be honored for how they deck themselves out to honor the coming in of May and the courtly virtues we all strive for as we join the tournament.
Join the grand procession of Maidens, fighters and their consorts in all your finery. 
Enjoy the Maypole dance. Enter the hobby horse races in the lawn games or cheer other contestants on. If you forget to bring your hobby horse, there will be a chance to make one on site.
Dance like the English, the French and the Italians. 
Bring your best brew for the Whitsun Brewing competition. Choose your favorite May, Spring or Garland piece to enter in the Garland Bardic. 
Outdo your neighbors and bring your Delectably Divine Dessert. 
Let us revel and celebrate May.
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