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Welcome to PERSONA::ALT! This post will keep you updated on the development schedule. Though it's a broken one. The schedule will be updated soon while we prioritize new objectives.


The links are all organized on the community description itself.

Profile Template

Old Schedule

Dec 26 - Dec 30
General community setup. Invitations. Appointment of assisting moderators.
For now, this community is set as Public and joining members must be approved for entry. As little is happening right now, don't worry if the approval process is a little delayed; it shouldn't be more than 24 hours. If a moderator knows you, you're going to get in.
If you want to help in setup or have AU ideas, please contact +Yu Narukami​​​​​​​​​​ or +Labrys​​​​​​​​​​ to apply.

Dec 31 - Jan 7
RP template setup and assigning roles. Setup of rules for Crack RP.
Note that I'm calling this category Crack RP because they're one-offs that don't have to be serious or even strict to character.

Jan 8 - Jan 30
Setup of AU locations and rules. It takes longer because this is the serious part.

Mar X
Addition of rules.

Apr X
Inclusion of P5 elements.

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Swiggity swag, it's a comment on the status of this place~

First of all, ★ it's still dead ★

But when it gets going, it'll probably be the only one going. And you'll be right here when it happens. So give this a quick read.

Now, I've purposefully held out until we could get acquainted with P5 and come to the right conclusion about whether it would be compatible with P2, 3, and 4. Turns out it should be okay.

Then PQ2 and the dancing games came along by way of announcement.

So here's how I expect it to go from here...

1. I don't want to wait until 2018 to do something here. We can basically do P5 without risking spoilers at this point except maybe for the ending. At this point, it's no secret that Goro is the worst.

2. We need characters! A lot of us know Persona accounts outside of here that would love to get involved again. However, there's this idea that no one can stay active. That just means there isn't anything motivating yet. The crack RP option is always open here, and it's actually a good place to start and practice using a character. Revisiting profiles is also a good place to start.

As far as picking them... do what feels comfortable and don't worry about having the entire squad. Do whoever feels most comfortable. Stick to two strong ones.

3. We need ideas and people to make them happen! To be capable of running a story, Persona basically takes protagonists and antagonists in some conflict. That's slightly limiting, but it keeps happening and it works in games. So we can operate any of these ideas with the ticket system with no fears of crossing canon. That brings us to...

4. We kinda need leaders. While I can facilitate a lot and make it look good, I don't have the ability to be the sole contributor and executive. Seeing someone else motivated will inspire others, including me.

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Maybe I had it all wrong and we should have made this a crossover fighting game community.

There's some non persona related stuff here?
Or does it matter?

So I'm not giving this place up or taking it down, but I don't have the ability to keep adding things right now. A lot of key people I thought would be around weren't around as much, so I couldn't get the RP side started, either.

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Maybe it's finally time to organize.

But I need a headcount first.

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I wanted to see this place live, but it isn't yet. Oh, well. I'll give people time to finish up school and stuff because it's important to finish strong there.

Okay, I've got some explaining to do. Haven't done a lot of work on the community recently because blah blah school blah final exams blah. But we got a Sho now, so that's good. Expect great things coming next week.

I'd like to volunteer for, well, Sho Minazuki.
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