I need help getting passed night 5. any tips

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Lol look who cute this is? I made it

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WAAAAAAAAY there goes Chia XD
Animated Photo

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Can't stop laughing XD

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 by 
During the day is a place of laughter and children's delight,

During the night is fear and screams of adult's fright.

Once it was closed, life began anew,

Until it opened again out of the blue.

And with it it brought something borrowed

From the halls of the haunted hollows

And brought something new

Just for Five Nights at Freddy's Two

Thoughts? Comments? Anything you wish to tell me?

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I has so many animatronics on my little team (not my drawings there my best friends)
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um here you go...

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can i be OLD cica?

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Name: Chica
Time: Old
Likes: scaring the shit out of you!
Dislikes: You Winning....
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