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Check out Septembers Arcade Block!

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Here is the newest Horror Block! Check it out!

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Happy Labor Day every body! I hope you have a great time! :D
Anyway, I got something new from Arcade Block last week and oh man it was fantastic! Let's take a look shall we?

1. The Legend of Zelda - The Eye of Truth T-Shirt "Nerd Block Exclusive"
2. Tetris Heat Change Mug
3. Five Nights at Freddy's Mystery Minis (I got the Cupcake)
4. K'NEX Super Mario Blind Bag - Series #7 (I got a Yoshi)
5. UBS Controller - SNES Edition (Only for both PC and Mac) [ARCADE BLOCK PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!]

Well, I got some good merchandises. Which one of these merchandises do you like or love? Let me know in the comments below. :)

The next Arcade Block will be include an "Exclusive" licensed gear from SEGA Genesis, along with a "Deadly" item from Assassin's Creed and more! So be ready for next month! ;)

See you guys later, I hope you enjoy the merchandise!
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Good afternoon everybody, yesterday I got my Loot Crate that was out side of the door, I open the box and it looks like I got some thing new!

Let's see what we got:

1. Kill Bill Volume 1 Socks
2. HellBoy - Right Hand Bank (Piggy Bank)
3. Q FIG - Harley Quinn
4. Archer T-Shirt (not seen in this pic)
5. Lootpins
BONUS: A Loot Crate Hammer

Do you like those merchandises? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hello everybody, it's time to look some new stuff in the Arcade Block! Before I get this started, I wanted to say I'm sorry that I forgot to post a Loot Creates Futuristic merchandises in this community. But don't worry, I have video of it on that you can see it.

BTW, let's get started! :-)

1. MEGA MAN™ - HELMET SPEAKER (Arcade Block Exclusive)
2. Warcraft Minis - Vinyl Figure
3. Super Mario: Air Freshener - Strawberry Scent Toad
4. Dungeon Boss Key (Arcade Block Exclusive )
5. Deus EX Print-Autographed [by: Elias Toufexis] (Arcade Block Exclusive) w/ a Certificate of Authenticity from Nerd Block
6. SMASH T-Shirt [from: Nerd Block] (Arcade Block Exclusive)
BONUS: A video of Loot Creates Futuristic merchandise

Did you like all those 6 merchandises? If so, then put a comment below if you like it or not. The next Arcade Block will be arriving to the mail box next month, with some Old-School Gaming items from Tetris, Super Mario & Super Nintendo. I can't wait until we'll see what cool stuff could be the next box! Anyways, have a good time everybody and I'll see you later! Bye-bye! ;-)
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Hey everybody! It's finally summer time, I got a new Arcade Block now and I'm gonna show something that is new in the box.

1. Sonic The Hedgehog™ Vinly Stickers - Collector's Edition
2. Super Mario Bros.™ Ice Cube Tray - Collector's Edition
3. Street Fighter - Sushi Set
4. FNAF - Chica T-shirt
5. A arcade classic Donkey Kong poster
6. The Legend of Zelda - Triforce Notepad

Do you like these 6 new merchandise? If so, make sure leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy your summer break!
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