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Here's another Manga Screen 2 case I whipped up a while ago. If you print one, please let me know how it goes! I'm open to any and all feedback :)

Just finding out about the Revolve project. Lots of promise. In a 3d printer application, what would it take to implement the safe pause and restore on mains power fail / restore using this?

Sorry for more posts. But, one more type of Manga Screen stand that may be useful. These are simple easel-style braces with countersunk screw and screen mount holes. Two options: one that is taller with longer legs allowing portrait or landscape mounts, and another that looks nicer with shorter legs that just lets you mount in landscape.

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I made a quick Manga Screen 2 mount for attaching to the end of 4040 (or 2020) extrusions. Nothing fancy, but does have countersunk holes on both sides. Thought it might be helpful for someone.

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Does anyone know which order replicape will home XY axis? Additionally, is there a way to change the order (can't seem to find an answer in the docs)?

I'm finishing up building a coreXY and have it mechanically built where Y needs to home before X. If not, then X will miss it's switch and the block will go off of it's rail. I did this to limit the moving wires on the X carriage. I can change the setup if needed but prefer to keep it.

So I've got a mange screen hooked up as part of a video mixer I'm building. My hope was to have the manga screen attached via an HDMI splitter whilst feeding another display at the same time. Issue I'm having is the rotation being in portrait as I've seen others have written. Problem I've got is the windows orientation on the first screen is correct and when I rotate in the display settings it doesn't work as the primary screen then turns portrait and the manga screen rotates correctly but still has the incorrect resolution and doubles up the screen. Is there a firmware update that could fix the default orientation at all? I can't seem to find much documentation regarding use with windows.

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I noticed my screen is getting really hot after being turned on for more than 30min. Seems to be mostly on the side with the LEDs but it's definitely pretty warm to the touch. Since I'm using this as a battery powered FPV screen I'm worried about the power consumption and prolonged usage in an enclosed case... What is causing the heat? Is it a regulator for the LEDs?

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Hi. So I have a Manga 2 1080... I'm struggling really badly to get it work with my Pi.. I've changed the config.txt etc as per Claudio Prezzi's instructions but all I get on my screen is 3 partial desktops (the touch screen works which is great) If I plug my Pi into my TV I get fullscreen 1080, plug in Manga 2 in and I get as I said, 3 desktops.. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Works fine with my Windows 10 laptop but I want the Pi in my Peli case
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