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Get your Kids to create their OWN KITES and FLY them!

ENJOY this "Sooper D.I.Y." during summer!!

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Tell us about your favorite #SummerCamps & #KidsActivities in #Houston & have a coffee on us! Visit the link below.

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5 Healthy Nuts 5 times a week may be a very good snack every day!
Different /combinations can become a great fun and discovery game too!
One could add dates, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dry fruits etc.. in combination too!

Any other possibilities?
#NutsBenefits - Eating Nuts have been related to many health benefits like improved brain function, making our heart healthy and keeping many disorders like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer at bay. Hence let’s take a look on amazing health benefits of nuts.

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Criticism is Feedback .... and ability to process Feedback dispassionately and objectively is a powerful sign of maturity of any individual! Interesting Read below... 
Arguable, the most powerful ways to learn to become a master at dealing with criticism is to teach your children to master these enormously important skills: 

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Digital and Screen based LIFE is a REALITY that is unavoidable!
The enclosed article spotlights many related issues and is good FOOD FOR THOUGHT for Adults and consequentially on the IMPACT on children and their development!

Would be interested in a wider discussion and perspective...

After all this discussion too would be SCREEN based!!!

Cheers! :) :)

DIGITAL MEDIA ADDICTION: "People underreport how much they check their devices," said Yujung Nam, a WSU professor who studies social media from a health communications standpoint. "Almost like an addict hiding their bottles." See article at Inlander,

#digitalmedia #socialmedia #psychology #smartphones #communication #informationoverload #WSU #GoCougs

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ORIGAMI: Here is an interesting Paper folding hobby, art form and skill.... Worth exploring! 
Learn Top 5 Creative & Beautiful DIY Easy #OrigamiFlowers!
Origami flowers instructions, if known clearly, can give you amazingly beautiful crafts in the form of elegant paper flowers. Easy Origami Flowers can also be used for Fun DIY projects for kids too.
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